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The Leading Calcined Clay Suppliers in India

The base material of kaolin is a hydrogenated form of aluminium silicate. A white in colour material, calcined kaolin clay is prepared by firing raw kaolin in a calcining kiln so that its crystalline water content is removed.

Kaolin and calcined kaolin clay have vast amounts of applications in ordinary lives and industries. Kaolin is widely used in areas like paint, ceramics, paper (as coating and filler), pigments, skincare products, refractories, and in other areas. The creation of calcined kaolin produces an engineered good that can alter the property of other products like paints, and improve the end quality of outputs and work immensely. In this scenario, the industries and manufacturing units need to choose the best kaolin supplier so that quality products can be produced and customer satisfaction is preserved. Below are some characteristics and facts about the best and leading calcined kaolin clay suppliers in India that industries and consumers should know about.

Providing Kaolin Clay from World’s Leading Producers

Industries in India can be ensured of the highest kaolin quality when they procure their kaolin supply from a leading kaolin supplier in India. Notable firms including BASF (USA) bring to Indian industries high-quality Kaolin for the manufacturing of end products like paper, paint, packaging and other goods and purposes. The leading calcined kaolin suppliers in India partner with only world-renowned brands. It ensures that industries can rely on them for aspects, including product quality.


A leading calcined Kaolin clay supplier will be certified by the relevant ISO standards like ISO 9000, 14001, and other relevant standards. These companies are reputed in providing speciality chemicals and suppliers and have been existing in the market for several years and even multiple decades. Some of the best suppliers of kaolin are also known and recognized in foreign countries, and international industrial destinations and have a reputed rank in the “ICIS (Independent Commodity Intelligence Services) Top 100 Supplier” list. When a leading supplier offers you calcined kaolin clay for say, your paint production unit, you will achieve benefits like:

• Better control of the gloss of the paint.

• Better adjustment of viscosity.

• Better improvement in coatings strength.

• Better resistance from adverse impacts like abrasion.

•Toughening and reinforcement of the coating.

These are the significant areas where improvements are needed so that the industries can satisfy the customers and prove to be productive and customer favourite. Hence choosing an expert, leading, and certified supplier can be quite beneficial and profitable for your business.

Comprehensive Range of Chemical and Industrial Good Suppliers

In most instances and cases of industrial manufacturing and production, the need for procurement is not merely limited to one or two chemicals. An extensive range of chemicals and other suppliers are needed for producing high quality, reliable, and well-tested end product. That is why the leading and best chemical suppliers in India have advanced chemicals, speciality chemicals, paper, gases, waxes, polymers, and many other kinds of products for different industries. The best of suppliers are hence an end-to-end solution provider and a one-stop destination to bring a range of quality supplies and products to the industries.


The leading suppliers of chemicals like calcined kaolin clay in India offer the best of products at affordable costs. You can also rest assured of the quality and efficiency of services and will like aspects like packaging, delivery, and others. Such suppliers can be partnered for the long term as they gain more from economies of scale and by serving their clients in the best way possible. Hence the partnership will be quite fruitful for your business, and you can rely on these suppliers always.

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