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The main aspects of immigration to Turkey

Are you thinking about moving to warmer climes? The source will talk about the main aspects of immigration to Turkey in 2021, about the peculiarities of the country, and will also give you some comprehensive tips on what you should do before buying tickets.

Preliminary acquaintance

No.1 Search for an apartment for temporary residence 

Before acting decisively, it would be wise to visit the country. However, for a temporary rental, it is necessary to book an apartment in advance. In Turkey, the demand for housing exceeds the supply, so there may not be suitable options at the right time. It is more profitable to rent an apartment for a few weeks or months – this period is optimal to explore the country.

No.2 Time of the study trip 

It is most reasonable to make a study trip in the winter or off-season period. Let's explain why: 

  • Rental prices are lower; 
  • You can learn what Turkish winter is;
  • Demand for housing is lower.

No.3 Purchase of real estate

Real estate prices, unlike rentals, are not subject to seasonal fluctuations, so you can see the housing you like at any time.

No.4 Mandatory registration of residents with the police 

This procedure should be followed by every owner who has tenants in the house. You should check this before moving into the apartment.

Moving to Turkey

No.1 Search for a housing unit and a developer 

Over the past few years, you can see that real estate in Turkey has become better than it was before. Apartment buildings began to be built with a well-thought-out internal infrastructure and a landscaped surrounding area. The quality of housing has also increased in the country. Think about which type of housing suits you, the specialists of Turk.Estate will help you find it.

No.2 Which apartment to choose? 

Families with children prefer large apartments with a free layout. Families of two people often choose 1+1 apartments. Each residential complex has layout features, there are apartments for 2 and 5 bedrooms, with living rooms and private terraces. First, focus on your budget and the size of the living space.

No.3 Apartments on the sunny side are better 

Some cities of Turkey have housing offers without heating. Such apartments are usually located on the north side and are much cheaper. If you are going to live in Turkey permanently, you should not save on this.

No.4 Saving money on proximity to the sea 

Available beaches and sea views are a pleasant but expensive bonus. According to the reviews of clients moving to permanent residence, this aspect is not so important. You should consider options closer to medical institutions and schools, with good transport infrastructure.

No.5 Purchase of real estate 

Buyers of real estate for permanent residence should focus on the amount of 100 thousand euros.

Assistance in purchasing real estate in Turkey

Are you going to move to Turkey? The specialists of the Turk.Estate company will find an apartment at your request, hold a detailed consultation, and ensure a secure transaction.

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