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The Many Benefits for Practicing Yoga at Home

Summary: Need reasons to start practicing yoga at home? The following article will give you evidence, as well as benefits to prove why practicing yoga at home, is beneficial.

In 2017 a research was conducted by the researchers of the University of Maryland and the National Institute of Health. The study was conducted on a group of students; half of them were practicing yoga at home and the other half at yoga classes. Researchers found that the group practicing yoga at home reported better well-being, body mass index, mindfulness, etc. In fact, fruits and vegetable consumption increased, slept peacefully, experienced less fatigue in comparison with the other group.

Though both the groups reported positive results but practicing yoga at home enhanced the positive rate.

Moreover, yoga teacher training in Nepal also relies on personal training. During the training, an individual is given ample time to focus on self-practice. One can always approach the yoga teachers if need any assistance.

There is rationalism behind the same. The following article has some reasons which will prove how practicing yoga at home is constructive:

  1. Liberation from a set schedule: While practicing yoga at home, you don’t have to be stressed about missing the yoga class; especially, if you are working. Don’t adjust your schedule as per the class instead adjust your practice as per your schedule. Moreover, it is not always possible that your favorite time slot is available for the classes. There can be a possibility that there is either no class or rush in the class. Hence, the best approach is to start practicing at home.
  2. Be comfortable and own the space: One of the best reasons for a yoga practice at home is to be comfortable and own the space. You don’t have to stress yourself with the latest trends in yoga pants and tank tops. Wear something that you are comfortable in such as shorts or t-shirt, PJs, etc. Moreover, while on the mat extend or stretch your limbs as far as you can, don’t confine yourself as you won’t be interrupting anyone else. It is your space, own it. Be comfortable and perform each and every pose with ease. It will help you prioritize self, develop body awareness and produces deep relaxation.
  3. Prepare your own sequence: No need to follow any prescribed yoga sequence that is difficult for you. Instead, prepare your own yoga sequence as per your body’s requirement. Make sure, to begin with, the basic level. This will help you understand your body limits and eventually, extend it with practice. Keep upgrading the sequence once you are comfortable with it. Don’t exert the body, follow and learn at your own pace.
  4. Advance your practice: At any point of time if you feel low or tired from the regular home practice, advance your yoga practice to a new level. You can either learn new yoga poses or combine some other activity along with it. For instance, play soothing music while practicing, use aroma oils to refresh the mood, invite your friends or neighbors for yoga practice, combine dance or aerobics with yoga, etc. Such activities revive your mood and motivate you to continue the same. For the same reason, Yoga vacations in Nepal are gaining credibility among the masses. They offer various outdoor activities along with yoga such as trekking, sight-seeing, visiting temples to enhance spirituality, etc.
  5. After all, it’s free: The most important thing about practicing yoga at home is, it is free. No need to get stuck in the traffic, no extra fee for personal training, or anything. Just follow your favorite yoga practitioner on YouTube for latest videos and you are sorted. Besides, some yoga practitioners offer assistance on personal training, connect with them, if you need any help

Once you start practicing yoga at home, you will observe a sense of freedom, achievement, self-confidence, and discipline in the daily routine. It will eventually motivate you to continue the same. In fact, once you are confident about self, enroll for yoga teacher training in Nepal for professional assistance on a broader aspect.

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