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The Most Common Plumbing Myths That Cost You Money

Having little to no knowledge about something is dangerous. Plumbing is an integral element in your home. While some of the plumbing tips are good for your home, not all of them are workable. Some plumbing myths act as conventional wisdom. Those have been passed onto generations and accepted by people without any question. 

There are many myths related to plumbing as well. For example, some believe that pouring down lemon, baking soda, or vinegar might help open those clogged drains. But is it true that they work every time?

We are here to address those common myths perpetuating in plumbing. This article mentions some of those myths that can cost you money and even your plumbing. 

Your Pipes Can Drain Down The Food

Your pipes are not the way to drain down your food. These pipes, in the presence of food pieces, welcome pesky little rodents such as rats. They make up their way through these pipes into your toilets and kitchens. This can cost you money in cleaning up those pipes and making your area free from rats. Therefore, you must not throw any food particles down your sink that can get trapped in the pipes. 

Lemon Is Good

Many people believe that lemon works wonders when clearing up clogged pipes. It is a sure way to clean your pipes. But the citric acid from the lemon can corrode the metal and make holes in it. It can damage your pipes and eventually it can lead to pipes bursting that can cost you more. You must ask for a professional plumber to clean your pipes rather than relying on these tips. 

Water Going Down Means It Is Not Clogged

Just because water is going down your pipes or drains, it doesn't mean that it is not clogged. There are other symptoms such as slow drainage speed or all particles not going down. Blockages don't occur all at once. But they limit the flow of water. Therefore, you should avoid throwing tissue papers, hair, or similar items down the drain to avoid clogging. If you feel that your plumbing system is taking too long to drain, it is better to call your plumbing professional.  

Limescale Isn't Harmful

Many people think that limescale or salt deposits are not harmful. Limescale is a sign of hard water that can reduce the efficiency of your appliances and plumbing systems. Many people don't know about it and find out once they start having problems with their geysers or other appliances. The deposits of limescale can affect the functioning of your machines and may cause pipe corrosion. 

Plumbing Fixtures Are Cheap

Plumbing problems are not small issues. Sometimes, they can't be fixed by spending a little amount of money. Because you don't have a thorough understanding of what might be the problem with your plumbing; you underestimate the cost required to solve that issue. Only a professional plumber knows what are the problems with your pipes or drains and how much will it take to fix them. 

You Are Worry-free Once Everything Is Flushed

It doesn't mean that if you have flushed, everything is perfect with your plumbing system. Many people flush down so many things down the toilet that can lead to sewage blockage and more. This can be troublesome for you later on. 


Leaky Faucets Are Not A Problem

This is one of the most common problems in households. You think that your leaky faucet is not an issue of concern. However, this leaky faucet is wasting gallons of water, thus increasing your water bills. You can save more than 10% on your water bill just by fixing that leaky faucet. 

You Can Call In Any Plumbing Professional

Calling a plumbing company might be the first thing you want to do upon facing plumbing issues. However, not every plumbing company is reliable and can do the task you want. You must always call a professional plumbing company, which is known for its reliable services. They would solve your problem more efficiently and quickly. 

Final Thoughts

Plumbing myths have been there, passing from generation to generation. Though some of them might work temporarily, they can have damaging effects in the long run, such as using harsh chemicals or lemons. Getting services from a plumbing company will solve your problem in a much better way.

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