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The Most Crucial Factors You should Remember when Selecting an Event Venue


You can plan and plan the perfect event, but without the right venue, it can all come to nothing. This is a bit of a dramatic thought, but it's all too true, nevertheless. The proper venue can make a world of difference to your event, making it a successful and memorable celebration or a nightmare that everyone would rather forget. The right place can accentuate the uniqueness of your event, and it can play a vital role in the overall experience of your participants or guests. But the venue, aside from being attractive, should also be accessible, fit your budget, and offer other aspects, besides. The following are the most crucial factors you should remember when selecting an event venue.

  1. The accessibility

The venue's accessibility is of prime importance. As they say in the real estate sector, it's all about location, location, location! If you would like all your guests or participants to show up at your event – and be in a good mood when they do show up – then it’s best to choose a venue with the proper accessibility. Think about accessibility not just in terms of private modes of transport but public modes of transport, especially when it comes to trains, buses, or planes. If you want a venue that's near where you reside or do business, look for ‘event venues near me’ in your search. Not many people would like to spend too much time travelling to the event venue, either. It also pays to choose a place with adequate parking for your guests, and valet service is always a good idea.

  • The size

Prior to narrowing down a venue, you should write down an estimate of the number of attendees or guests for your event. You wouldn't want the place to be too overcrowded, and you wouldn't want it to be empty and look forlorn, either. When you have an estimate of the attendance, you should then decide on the event's layout. What kind of layout do you require? Do you require a cocktail layout, a seminar layout, or a banquet layout? Or do you need all three? Different layouts or formats will require either a bigger or smaller guest capacity, so make sure this is all part of your decision-making as well.

  • The add-ons

Whilst add-ons are not really necessary, it pays to find out if you can expect any extras as well. These bonuses or perks can make all the difference, after all. For example, if you want to stretch your budget as much as possible, it's worth finding out if the venue can provide you with some extra facilities or amenities and deals on multimedia systems or catering services. The venue itself can offer these kinds of services, or the venue may have contacts or vendors you can use. If the venue can offer another add-on such as free parking, this can go a long way, especially for guests who are bringing their own vehicles.

  • The limitations

Of course, all venues will have a few limitations or restrictions. There are those which have stringent policies and regulations, so make sure you know what these policies are before you sign anything. There may be limitations on the food you can serve or restrictions on décor or beverages. There may also be extra charges for outside vendors, so find this out beforehand too. The key is to find a venue that can offer accessibility, appeal and attractiveness, flexibility, and value, and you are well on your way to a successful event.

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