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The Most Effective Way to Deal with Domestic Violence in Virginia

In Virginia, domestic violence is taken with the seriousness it deserves. An assault to any of the family members is considered a class one offense. So, the offender is entitled to a sentence of one year in jail and a fine. Furthermore, the offender risks being named in an order of protection in Virginia. However, to get justice following domestic violence, you will need help from experienced Virginia domestic violence attorney.

Definition of Domestic Violence in Virginia

Some crimes are categorized as domestic assault in Virginia State. Such cases can happen between spouses or between children and parents or even either of the family members. Below are instances that are considered as domestic violence. They include;

·         Sexual harassment

·         Threats

·         1st and 2nd-degree harassment

·         Forceful touching

·         Attempt to inflict pain/ injuries

·         Strangulation of the first and second degree

·         2nd and 3rd-degree assault

·         Stalking, among others.

How Virginia Law Dictates Regarding the Arrest of an Offender

In Virginia State, domestic violence is considered a 1st-degree crime. Therefore, it is handled a little differently from other offenses.  The police officers are allowed to arrest an offender after gathering sufficient evidence that the offender actually committed the crime. So, the police officer has permission to file charges against the culprit. However, in cases where the offender runs into hiding, the officer gets an arrest warrant from the judge. Once the officer gets an arrest warrant, he will act as the complaint before the magistrate.

Why  Hire Virginia Domestic Violence Lawyer?

If you someone close to you assaulted you, Virginia domestic violence lawyer could be of great help. The good thing about hiring an attorney is that they understand everything about domestic violence.  Note, domestic violence could include spousal abuse, dating abuse, or any sort of family abuse. Furthermore, it is can also involve physical and emotional abuse. Through an experienced attorney, you can get compensated for the pain and injuries caused.

Your lawyer has your interest at heart, so they will fight for your right until you are fairly compensated. Below are ways in which your attorney will help you;

Help you find a safe place to live

If a close relative assaulted you, that could only mean that you are not safe. Therefore, you need to relocate to a safer place. Your lawyer can help you find a suitable place in Virginia.

Help you obtain a legal order

Your attorney will help you obtain a legal order. That way, there will be no contact between you and the perpetrator.

Can help file a lawsuit on your behalf

In some instances, domestic violence gets out of hand. As a result, the victim may have sustained severe injuries that require them to be hospitalized. They also end up losing their wages. In such a case, filing a lawsuit can help you get compensated for the damages caused.

 A domestic violence attorney can help you file for a divorce. 

If your spouse assaulted you, you can't continue in an abusive marriage. Someone who abuses you physically or emotionally can easily kill you. Before it gets to that, you should hire a Virginia domestic lawyer to help you file for a divorce and get a fair share of the property.

With that said, do not suffer in silence as a result of domestic violence. Speak to an experienced Virginia domestic violence lawyer today to help you out.

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