The Most Efficient Ways For Students to Stay Safe While Learning Online


Online learning became a trend after COVID-19 virus entered the planet. The whole world was affected by the virus, and students and teachers were forced to remain indoors and continue studying online. 


The benefits of online learning: 


  • Students can ask questions (as many as they like) without feeling conscious. 

  • One-on-one student and teacher interaction is possible 

  • Flexible timing (students and teachers can fix a time for the online class) 

  • Online language learning platform helps in saving conveyance charges. 

  • Students can connect to online classes via smartphone/laptop. 

  • Learning has become interactive. Teachers can share digital notes, presentations, and helpful videos with students. 


In a nutshell, online learning has become beneficial, especially after COVID-19 entered the planet. 

While technology is a blessing, there are times when it becomes a threat. Cyberattacks have increased rapidly over the last few months. But there are some efficient ways for students to stay safe while learning online. 


As a parent/teacher/student, you would want to know the number of features that protect you from cyber threats. 

Here is an article that unravels the ways online learning can become a safer place for students. Let’s get started. 


The Possible Cyber Threats You Should Be Aware of: 


  • Personal data loss

  • Malware/Virus 

  • Corruption of hardware 

  • School cancellations and delays 

  • Bullying 

  • Harassment


Older students are better equipped to deal with bullies. But younger students need to be protected from antisocial elements.

Please remember that a cyberattack could mean your personal data can be collected such as email addresses and a virus could enter your system. Some attacks are major and others are less invasive.


So, we spelled out the problem. What is the solution? 

Keep reading to find out. 


The Possible Solutions To Make Online Learning Safe 


Parents are looking for platforms that are 100% safe for their kids. In this scenario, there are some solutions to make online learning safe. 


  1. The teacher should never disclose a student’s name on social media platforms. Teachers can use the first name but not spell out the full name of the student. 

  2. Meeting IDs and meeting passwords should be private. Teachers must ensure that the link is with the students and not with anyone else. Urge the students not to share the meeting ID and password with anyone except their parents/guardians. 

  3. Choose a secure online tutoring platform such as Evopry. A reliable tutoring platform uses Skype for teaching. Zoom and Google Meet links are not as secure. 

  4. A secure platform does not reveal personal email addresses of the students or teachers. This feature ensures 100% security. 


These were some tips to make online learning safe. There are some more pointers we would like to share with you: 


  • You must understand the risks/threats associated with online learning. 

  • Make sure the password you use for an online class is unique. Nobody should be able to decode it. A password should never be obvious. Use special characters and uppercase/lowercase. 

  • Change the password once every six months. 

  • Update the platform’s private settings from time to time. 

  • Do not engage in conversations with fake/spam accounts. 

  • If you feel that your device is being targeted, inform the teacher/authority about it. 


Concluding thoughts 


Ideally, you must join a secure platform. There will be no problem of viruses entering the system or losing any data. Online learning has its perks, but you have to be careful about the platform you join. 


A reliable platform will keep all the sensitive information secure. So, make a wise decision before joining any platform. 


Safety and security comes first for everyone, regardless of their age or gender. To sum it up, students and teachers should be wise enough to not share personal information, images, payment details, or any other sensitive information to anyone. 


To avoid malware/viruses, do not click any suspicious links. If you want to start studying a new subject or a language, feel free to join one of the most reliable platforms, ‘Evopry.’ It is a secure platform for students. Instead of using Zoom or Google Meet, teachers make use of Skype for teaching. The platform allows you to make payments via PayPal and all major debit/credit cards. 


There are many tutoring platforms, but Evopry stands out in terms of security. Students can feel secure in this space.

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