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The Most Popular Kebab Recipes on the Internet

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Kebabs are a fun meal whether you are trying to include more vegetables in your diet, planning a get-together, or want to use your grill to prepare lunch or dinner. You can fill your kebab skewers with a variety of seasoned meats and veggies, and you can even create delicious sauces to make the kebabs even more impressive. If you are feeling particularly motivated, you can find a kebab machine for sale.

If you are looking for some new meal ideas, here are some of the most popular kebab recipes you will find online.

Beef Kebabs

Beef kebabs are essentially a meal on a stick. This recipe calls for steak, peppers, onions, and pineapple, so all you need is rice if you want to make the meal more filling. An Asian-inspired marinade with garlic, sherry, ginger, soy sauce, and brown sugar adds a sweet and savory flavor to the meat and vegetables while keeping the beef tender. To make sure all the parts of the kebab are finished cooking around the same time, the vegetable pieces and beef cubes should be around the same size.

Ground Lamb Kebabs

Ground lamb kebabs, or kofta, originated in the Middle East. The meat is mixed with ground almonds, spices, onion, and garlic, separated into sections, and molded onto skewers. You can serve kofta with yogurt sauce or place it in a pita with your favorite sandwich fixings.

Vegetable Kebabs

If you are trying to observe meatless Monday, want a tasty side dish to go with steak or chicken, or you're vegetarian and looking for new meal ideas, try vegetable kebabs. Include veggies like mushrooms, squash, onion, eggplant, and peppers to make the kebabs colorful and visually appealing. Marinate the veggies in olive oil, lemon, herbs, and mustard before grilling the kebabs until all the vegetables are tender.

Thai Beef Kebabs

The key to making these Thai beef kebabs delicious is to marinate the meat in Asian seasonings a few hours before cooking. You can use turmeric, soy sauce, curry powder, and sesame to give the beef its flavor and add a little hot sauce to the marinade if you enjoy spicy food. Add bell pepper and onion to the skewers before placing the kebabs on the grill and cook until the meat is prepared to your liking.

Fish Kebabs

Moroccan fish kebabs are a perfect dinner idea if you are in the mood for seafood. Add Moroccan spices to the fish before placing the fish on a skewer and putting the kebabs on the grill. Use a firm, white fish like cod or whiting and season it with onion, garlic, oil, lemon juice, cilantro, and spices like cumin, smoked paprika, and curry. Serve the fish kebabs with salad, or with rice and a side of mixed veggies.

Chicken Yakitori

These kebabs are Japanese street food and are easy to prepare. You can serve chicken yakitori as an appetizer at your next get-together or enjoy the leftovers with white or brown rice if you're bringing your lunch to work. Cut small pieces of chicken and marinate the meat with sake, ginger, chives, and soy sauce before skewering and grilling the meat. Serve with hot soy sauce for an extra kick.

Tikka Boti

Tikka Boti is a kebab from South Asia. You can make this entree with several types of meat, including chicken, lamb, or pork. Or, you can use the spicy, fruity mix of seasonings to create a vegetable kebab. Minced papaya is used for this dish, which helps to make the meat tender. Tikka Boti is traditionally spicy, but you can adjust the spice to your liking.

Doner Kebabs

If you love getting gyros from your favorite Greek restaurant, you'll love doner kebabs. This meal originated in turkey and is usually made from ground lamb, although you can find some doner kebabs that are made from beef or a mixture of beef and lamb.

This meal is made from shaved marinated meat that is often served with sauteed or grilled vegetables on a bed of rice, but you can also enjoy doner kebab in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickles, and cucumber. If you make this recipe for dinner and enjoy it with rice and veggies, you can place the leftovers in a pita to enjoy for lunch the next day.

Grilled Eggplant Kebabs with Tahini Satay Marinade

These kebabs are made with caramelized eggplant to make the meal satisfying but not overly filling. These kebabs also have the tasty flavor of black sesame seeds and are the perfect outdoor meal if you're having a barbecue or simply want to enjoy your meal outdoors during the warmer months of the year.

There is a kebab that appeals to your tastes, whether you prefer spicy food, want a vegetarian meal option, or need a tasty dinner that is quick and easy to assemble. Be sure to save the kebab recipes you like best, so you will always have them on hand when you need to make a tasty meal that does not take up too much of your time. Happy cooking!

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