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The Mystery Behind the Success of Back Office Outsourcing

Many company owners often wonder whether they should outsource back office services or run them in-house. However, numbers suggest that back office outsourcing can have a positive impact on the overall success of a business operation. So, what is the mystery behind its success, let us find out…

3 Reasons for Outsourcing Back Office Support Solutions

One should use outsourced back office support solutions instead of running it in-house because:

More focus on core process

You are able to put more of your focus on core projects, which ultimately yields better results for your business. The back-office tasks remain the responsibility of the vendor, and you do not have to worry about them.

Easy to scale

A back-office outsourcing vendor can easily scale its operations because it has the right infra, training staff and HR for this purpose. An in-house back office department can be very hard to scale, as it requires you to hire and fire employees quickly for a non-core process.

Low capital investment

For mid to small scale businesses, capital investment can be a major worry. But with outsourcing, you can bring down the capital investment and even eliminate it. All you have to do is pay a contractual fee, and all the major expenditures are done by the vendor.

Where can I find companies outsourcing back office processes to BPO's?

Simple Answer: Online. Just search and search and search. Look at classifieds, company websites, job openings, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Maximize your outreach by creating engaging content for your very own back office process on your company’s website. List the kind of work culture you have, software you use and do not forget to mention your past client testimonials.

Apart from this, you should analyze what type of clients will be best for you. Keep in mind the following considerations:

Scale of work you can handle

No point in wooing companies, if they are not providing you the right amount of business. All the efforts spent in chasing after someone and then realizing they are too big or too small for you isn’t worth it.


Are you looking to back office outsource within the same state or country? Or, you are ready to handle international clients. Depending on what you are aiming at, the places where you can find these companies vary a lot. For domestic companies, you can even personally visit their offices by booking appointments. For international companies, you have to focus on your website and SEO, so that the maximum number of desired contacts land on your website.

Even if you do not find the first vendor quickly, do not give up. The moment you will find the first vendor and do your work well, the others will start flowing in via word of mouth publicity.

For a long time, I believed in my in-house call center. But when the number of customers started increasing, I found myself struggling. Therefore, I started searching online and got in touch with Vcare. They have been quite good so far. We are running our customer care and telemarketing campaign through them. The results are better than before and we are easily able to assign new agents to our process whenever the demand rises. It has helped us overcome those times when the queues were crowded and disconnections were frequent. Overall, the service experience has been excellent.

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