Friday, September 29, 2023
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The Necessity of Getting Your Car Serviced

Car service is very different from your annual inspection. The vehicle inspection is guaranteeing whether having your car on the road is safe for you and others on the road. A car service, on the other hand, is for checking whether any part needs to be changed or repaired. These reasons should satisfy you as to why you should get your car serviced:

  • A car which is taken care of regularly is a healthy car which means the car runs smoothly saving you gallons of fuel, thus saving money for you.
  • Regular car servicing ensures that the car runs for long and is also doesn’t consumes a lot of fuel., saving you from sudden car breakdowns.
  • If you skip on servicing your car when the problem arises, that might be a bad idea, as repairs in later stages of a car, which is not regularly services, is very expensive. So, you might be shelling out extra cash if you plan on getting your car serviced when it is old.
  • A car service slip/bill is very important for claiming insurance when your car can no longer be repaired or has an accident. As insurers use the servicing history for granting your insurance claim.
  • The resale value of a well-serviced car is always more than the non-serviced one.

How long does a Servicing Take?

A Car Service comes in two forms:

A). Bi-Annual

B). Annual.

  • Bi-Annual Service - As the name indicates, bi-annual service takes place twice a year or 6,000 miles whichever comes first; it is a far less extensive service, it takes about 2 hours to complete.
  • Annual Service - The Annual servicing take place annually or in every 12 months or 12,000 miles whichever comes first; it is a more extensive service, it takes a bit more than 3 and a half hours.

Depending on the age, model, miles ran and condition of your car, ask your car mechanic which plan to go for, also make sure that the mechanic is well-versed on all makes and models of the car.

If you believe you can just service your car yourself, it is a misconception. Modern cars are computerized and very complex and hence you would need a professional to work on it.

Cost of Getting your Car Serviced

Although it depends on the make and model of your car, usually you can get a servicing done for somewhere between $150 to $250. The price may seem steep however it is nothing compared to the cost of your life. So, hurry up get your car service deal from your nearest mechanic to keep your car running efficiently.

Don’t ignore car services, contact the local servicemen or garage to help you choose the right plan. They also make sure that the service is done as per the manufacturer’s standard.

Joseph Webb is an excellent blogger and philosopher, His keen observation to provide useful information which helps readers to get more idea. He can be found on Google+, Facebook and on Twitter as @aussiesmag.
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