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The need for Scrap Yards and recycling of scrap

When it is difficult for a company to extract metals from their ores, scrap yards come into play. It is much cheaper for companies to create metals from scrap rather than extracting them.

But what exactly are scrap yards?

Scrap yards pay for metals and vehicles which are nothing but scrap and not at all usable. In simpler words, the scrap yards help people to recycle their waste and gain money, and in a broader sense, it helps the environment to remain clean or unpolluted.

The companies can hire a scrap metal buyer as it is of a larger volume; however, on the domestic or residential front, hiring a scrape buyer might not be advisable. Most of the households do not need to throw a massive amount of scrap for obvious reasons unless there is some repairing, renovating, or extension work going on in the house.

During all these processes, huge dump and scrap can be available to dispose of in the scrap yards. Some of the scrap yards provide both recyclings as well as dumping process. The owner or the contractor can call the scrap yard for transportation or can hire a private vehicle and dispose of the scrap at scrap yards.

By disposing of the scrap at the Scrap Yards, you can avail at least three advantages -

  • Getting rid of the junk
  • Earning money by selling the scrap
  • Keep the environment clean, green, and unpolluted.

Many people might think what the use of going to scrap yards to dispose of the scrap, merely hiring a bin could be a solution too. The only issue is that such services generally do not take all the items, metals, or other materials like plastic or asbestos, etc.

However, one can dispose of any scrap at the scrap yards right from an old car to broken or unusable electronic items, any metal wires or sheets to waste wooden items. Also, you can gain some money depending on what type of scrap you are disposing of at scrap yards.

When a thing is disposed of at the scrap yards, for example, a broken fridge or an unusable washing machine, the owner will receive the money only for the actual metallic parts present in the whole thing. With the years of experience, the staff at the scrap yards know, not only the amount of metal but also the type of metal present in that particular machine.

After the negotiations, the fixed price is then handed over to the owner. Here at the scrap yard, the machine or whatever scrap obtained is dismantled, and then the metals are separated using different processes like the use of magnets, or electrolysis, or use of some chemicals, etc.

Scrap Yards

 Let us now see what all types of junk one can dispose of at the scrap yards and get some money.

  • Common metals like aluminium, iron, copper, steel, brass – All these are used at a domestic level in items like soda cans, used batteries, razors, brackets of wooden articles, furniture, electrical insulations and so on.
  • Hight cost metals like silver, gold, titanium- These metals are precious and hence found in minimal items like heat insulators in the vehicles, smoke detectors, broken jewellery pieces, etc.
  • Broken or unusable electronic items- When any electronic item is not working properly, people tend to get a new one by exchanging the older one. However, some electrical shops may not offer this deal. Such individuals can bring their electrical items right from laptops to washing machines and from hairdryers to mobile phones to the scrap yards to earn profit against them.


There are many other things that can be dumped at the scrap yards for money. Isn't it a profitable deal, of getting rid of the dump and earning hard cash?

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