The new age of digital marketing is here to stay: EJ Dalius speaks


The Post-COVID-19 world is seeing a high rise in the number of start-up ventures. If the recent surveys are any indication, then the start-ups will stay here and keep rising in the future. According to EJ Dalius, this is a favorable time for start-up ventures since the global pandemic has resulted in widespread job losses worldwide. Start-ups are the perfect option for building stable businesses, attracting opportunities, and maintaining economic equilibrium.

Eric J Dalius on marketing

When it comes to marketing, industry insider Eric Dalius opines that every entrepreneur thinks and strategizes differently. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that marketing for entrepreneurs isn't developed, which means there is no marketing plan for modest start-up ventures.

What is entrepreneurial marketing, according to Eric Dalius?

Several of the leading experts, including Eric J Dalius entrepreneurial marketing is different from conventional marketing. In entrepreneurial marketing, you need to proactively identify and explore all the scopes for gathering and retaining customers through the employment of the various available resources. You need to consider the different aspects of entrepreneurial marketing: resource leverage, risk management, and value creation.


Comparing entrepreneurial and conventional marketing

Conventional and entrepreneurial marketing differ in four key aspects, and these are as follows.

Business orientation

Conventional marketing is all about consumer orientation. However, when it comes to entrepreneurial marketing, it is all about innovation and success is driven by entrepreneurial orientation. Keep in mind as an entrepreneur, you will bring the ideas to the table and look for ways to sell it instead of looking for demand and trying to meet its need.

The need for information

Entrepreneurial marketing is all about the data collection, along with personal observations. Keep in mind that you will need to manage multiple marketing platforms and make good use of formal and informal ways to collect vital data.

Market strategies

This is one of the significant areas where entrepreneurial marketing differs from conventional marketing. The latter uses a top-down approach where every activity is clearly defined; however, that is not the case with the former. At heart, an entrepreneurial venture recognizes an opportunity and builds up the reputation through extensive trials and testing. Meeting of client requirements starts only after a thorough check and fool-proofing of the product or the service.

Make a Vibrant Online Presence 

Contemporary clients go online to discover whatever data they need so you have to set up a site that clarifies what your identity is, your mastery, and how you can be reached. Eric Dalius stresses that the site ought to be easy to use, utilitarian, Ensure all properties have very much made portrayals with all the fundamental data, appropriately characterized by type, and that the rundown is refreshed oftentimes. Additionally, set up records of the online media systems mainstream with your intended interest group, and draw in with them with great substance planned for expanding the traffic to your site and building your notoriety. 

System and Incentivize Referrals 

There is no rejecting that systems administration is an exceptionally ground-breaking method of advertising your business. You should put forth a cognizant attempt to recognize the individuals who are powerful in your neighborhood society and become more acquainted with them well. By being dynamic in your locale in different ways, you can convey your qualifications and your dependability that can assist you with getting referrals that can be all the more effectively changed over into deals. You could likewise assemble a referral program for your current clients so they can gain rewards in the event that they send purchasers your way.

The tactical level

The tactics when it comes to conventional marketing is pretty basic. We have the promotion, price, place, and product. The entire marketing effort concentrates on these four fundamental aspects. Entrepreneurial marketing expands on these four essential facets and engages customers on a more intimate and personal level. By leveraging online resources, entrepreneurs can now take advantage of the digital audience for instant recognition and brand awareness. Several non-profit promotional and marketing plans allow you to connect and communicate better than ever.

Digital marketing is the new face of marketing, and it is here to stay. As an entrepreneur, you need to evolve to keep in sync with the changing times.

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