The New MNP rules: How to Port your Mobile Number


There are many of us who are comfortable with their present phone number and would like to keep it as long as they use a mobile phone. However, they are not very happy with their current telecom operator. Well, the easy way out is to port number to some other operator that offers better services. There are also many people who port their number from prepaid to postpaid connection while porting the number to a different operator. In that case you would need to sign some papers and provide your ID proof and may have to pay a nominal fee.Some recent changes have been brought into the process of porting by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).


Lately, the norms for porting number have been revised to make them simpler and quicker than before. The new changes that have been brought in will determine whether one can port his/her number or not. If the regulation finds one eligible for the same, a Unique Porting Code (UPC) will be generated for the subscriber for porting his/her mobile number.For generating the UPC the subscriber has to send an SMS “PORT<space>10 digit mobile number needs to be sent to 1900. The UPC remains valid for four days, except some places in the country. In areas like North-east and Jammu and Kashmir, the UPC will remain valid for 30 days.


If you wish to port your existing number to some other operator in the same circle, the process will take duration of three days. If you are porting the number to another operator in a different circle, the process may take five business days.



Individual users must know that once the UPC is issued, the porting request will remain valid till the validity period of UPC. The corporate mobile numbers users need to know that the porting request will be forwarded to the donor operator. To verify the number, an authorization letter from the company has to be submitted. For each porting request, Rs 6.46 will be charged by the telecom operator as transaction fee. If one has to withdraw the porting request, he/she has to send SMS to 1900.


In order to decide the eligibility of the porting requests of the subscribers, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India came up with some regulations. Some of them are mentioned as below:


• The users need to keep using the active connection of the existing mobile operator for minimum of 90 days

• The court of law should not have prohibited porting of the mobile number in question

• The subscriber must not keep any pending contractual obligations that have to be fulfilled by him/her

• Those who have requested to change the ownership of the mobile number, the request will be rejected or cancelled

• Postpaid users must clear all the outstanding dues of their present telecom operator. Failing to this may result into rejection of the porting request. 


Keeping all these norms into consideration will help you go through a smooth porting process. You can be happy with your number forever, and with the new telecom operator of your choice.