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The Northern Powerhouse Kitchen is officially open for use!

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The kitchen started off as an idea by the team at NWCE to give back to the food service and catering industry and it blossomed from there.

They wanted to create something that not only members of the industry can use, but something that members of the community can use.

So that means the kitchen is open to you no matter whether you work in a 5-star restaurant or you work in the kitchen of a local school, college or hospital.

Ben Odling, managing director of NWCE said: 

'I am very proud to have opened the development kitchen to support private and public sectors with their menus and staff. 

'I am especially proud of the team who were involved in the project in working so hard to get it completed in time, the engineers working on the road continuing to deliver their outstanding service to our clients and our office staff for keeping the NWCE business going in the process. 

'I am looking forward to seeing the kitchen help companies and sectors develop their ideas for their future.'

The kitchen has been created to be totally interchangeable.

Which means appliances can be switched and swapped at a moment’s notices.

The current kitchen set up contains a Vario cooking centre with pressure facility and scc101e combination oven both provided by Rational.

An Evolution series chargrill, griddle, 6 burner range and salamander from Blue Seal, a 3 door preparation fridge and chef base meat draw from Fosters, another 3 door prep fridge and saladette this time from Prodis.

Not to mention there is also an Inowash hood type dishwasher and hot cupboard and portable, walk in chiller/freezer created by NWCE themselves.

Ventilation canopy and interlock have been fabricated and installed by the great Inox fabrications!

Our opening ceremony 

The ribbon for the kitchen was cut by the Mayor of Bolton!

She was one of many esteemed industry guests who were invited along to the grand opening.

This is what some of the guests had to say about our opening ceremony. 

Staff from the Manchester University stated: 'I just attended the actual opening and launch of the new development kitchen which I think is amazing and will bring a huge benefit to a number of hospitality and catering companies looking to bring kitchen team together and with this menu development and creation.

‘It was a shame that I was unable to see the whole of the conference/meeting room space but understand the pressure of opening a brand new facility.

‘I saw the plans and they look great and I am sure to use these with the development kitchen in the future!' 

Linda from Twaithes said: 'I very much enjoyed the cooking presentations by both Rational and Justin.

They were able to provide good info on all aspects of the catering equipment stocked in the Northern Powerhouse Kitchen.' 

If you think that the Northern Powerhouse Kitchen could be of use to you, whether you want to use it for menu testing, equipment testing, staff training, the uses are endless. 


Here at NWCE Foodservice Equipment, we have been thinking about creating a kitchen for a while. We wanted to create something that could be used by members of our community.

And as we are catering and foodservice engineers, what better than a high spec kitchen and conference centre in our very own head office?

The entire kitchen has been created and fitted by our very own engineers, which means you’re able to come down and see the work we carry out firsthand. 


We do not want this to be seen as ‘our’ kitchen, we have created this kitchen to be your kitchen, to be used for whatever you see fit.

 So if you work in a restaurant and don’t want to close your own kitchen for menu development or if you’re a manufacturer and need some space for independent training, then this is for you!

The conference and meeting rooms on the mezzanine floor above have been created as both a workspace and somewhere to relax and let ideas flow and bounce. 

The kitchen also has plans to be used for a range of charitable events, so keep your eyes peeled for more information about that. 

Get in contact with one of the NWCE Foodservice Equipment team today to get booked in!

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