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The Outstanding Screen Recorder to Capture Your Computer Screen –iFun Screen Recorder

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Everything happens with a reason even though the reason may not be known to us. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 across the world people have avoided close contact as a way of reducing its spread. It’s from this point where some businesses and individuals have learned the value of video conferencing. I don’t mean that video conferencing was invented with the influx of the pandemic. It was there for ages but some have used it for the first time as a way of protecting themselves against the killer disease.

A screen recording software, also known as a screen capture app, does precisely what the name suggests – it records whatever is going on your screen. The product can catch a piece of the screen or the whole screen and save the recording as a sharable picture or video document.

A portion of the exercises that screen recording software can catch incorporate stacking pages, the development of your cursor, recordings, games, online classes, and even mistake messages. Screen recording applications likewise let you catch recordings from outside gadgets, including your webcam, cell phone, IPTV, and PlayStation. You can even utilize these devices to draft manuals, make storyboards, or work together with your group on a venture.

Others have resulted to live meetings that need video demos. In some cases, the situation forces us to record our computer screen and share the content with the other online attendants.

The need for virtue meetings raised the demand for tools or software to capture or record computer screens. The best of such software is the iFun online screen recorder which has proved to be a hero among the thousands on software and other online tools designed for screen recording.

Many freelance or online tutors and business representatives conveniently use this software to record high-quality videos on their laptops or desktop computers. You can also use this screen recording tool to trim unnecessary content at the beginning of your video files to make them precise. Read on to see what makes this software great:

Key Features That makeiFun Screen Recorderthe Best Screen Recorder.

1.      A free and easy to use the software.

Though we have other free to download Screen Recorders, some will charge a fee to use. iFunScreen Recording tool is free to download, install, and use. It’s compatible with numerous operating systems including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and Vista. This Screen Recorder can record a customized region of your computer screen or the entire screen and give high-quality video files without difficulties.

2.      It can record from external microphones.

Once you connect a Mic to your PC and activate it on the iFun online Screen Recorder, you’ll be able to use it while screen recording and have your voice as part of the resulting video.

3.      Effective mouse-click effects.

If you are demonstrating an activity carried on the computer, you can use mouse-click effects to either animate or highlight the cursor when moving it on the screen. This is only possible if you are using the iFun Screen Recorder.

4.      No Time Limitation or Watermarks.

iFun Screen Recorder doesn’t have obligations for time limitations when recording computer screens. Again, videos recorded with this software don’t have watermarks which is the case for any other free Screen Recorder.

Advantages of iFun Over Other Free Screen Recorders.

Ø  Allows for use of internal or external microphones to record voices that will be part of the recorded video.

Ø  iFun Screen Recorder is safe to use because it doesn’t contain malware that could otherwise damage your computer. Be confident to install it on your Windows PC.


Screen recording is a simple affair but can yield a messy output if you aren’t keen on the Screen Recorder you use. It would be best if you used iFun Screen Recorder because it is the best screen recorder you can find on the internet today. You can either download it from their official website or a trusted third-party website. The software is small in size and hence will only occupy a small proportion of your computer’s storage space.

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