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The Overwhelming Benefits of Power Napping

Sleep provides relaxation to our minds and body. Along with sleep at times napping is also beneficial to reduce stress and provide better health.


As we all know, the body needs rest to perform well the entire day. But sometimes, there are situations when we do not get enough time to sleep. In such cases, you can take a short nap to restore the energy level so that you can work in a better way. A power nap is a temporary alternative to sleep that helps in boosting the strength of the body to perform any task.


Power Nap


Before we proceed to understand the benefits of napping, it is important to know what exactly is power napping. According to the experts, power napping is the short duration of sleep that ranges between 10 to 30 minutes and gives relaxation to your entire body. So, if you take a short nap it simply means that you are providing energy to your body to function better. 


To understand it in a better way, look at the example of a mobile phone battery. Sometimes it is when your mobile phone battery is out of charge and you put it in charge for 10-15 minutes then it is again charged. This charging of the battery for minutes can last for a couple of hours.  In the same way, a power nap also strengthens your body for some hours.


Quick Tips To Get A Good Nap


The ideal power nap helps in the energy recovery of the body. But to take a good nap it is important to follow some basic rules so that you do not get exhausted. Here are some quick tips to provide you the perfect power nap so that you can enjoy a quality day. Check out some of them:


  • If you are suffering from insomnia then you are advised to avoid power naps. The sleep cycle of the body gets disturbed and you will get more problems while sleeping at night.

  • Make sure about the duration of sleep. Do not take more than a 25-30 minute nap.

  • Set an alarm so that you can wake up on time.

  • If you are feeling tired then take a nap at noon. Late napping will affect your sleep at night and your cycle will be disturbed. 

  • Cover your eye with an eye mask so that lights do not disturb your sleep.

  • Sleep at a good temperature to make your body warm and more comfortable.


The most important thing to do is to select a good place to sleep where you can get comfort and relaxation. The mattress also affects your quality of naps. However, not only the mattress but the foundation of the bed also affects sleep. Good quality and stylish foundation for your mattress will provide you with a better power nap.


The mattress foundation is the surface on which the mattress rests on. It can be made up of different materials including, a wooden slat platform, solid base, box spring, etc. It not only helps in giving support to the mattress but also benefits in ensuring that the mattress does not sink or sag. The perfect base for your mattress will also provide good support to your body when you sleep. There are many types of mattress foundations available in the market. It is up to you which mattress foundation you select to provide your body more comfort and relaxation.


Not only the mattress and foundation, but pillows also play a vital role in taking peaceful power naps. You can easily sleep on it with comfort. If you are taking naps in the office then it is advised you use hand wash pillows. This will help you in keeping the pillow hygienic in case anyone else uses them in your absence. There are multiple benefits of using hand wash pillows. Some of them are:


  • Helps in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.

  • It can help in protecting you from germs and bacteria.

  • The clean pillow gives you comfort and better sleep.

  • It can be washed easily without any risk of damage.


Types of Naps


Power naps are of several types. Some of them are:


  • Recovery Nap: This is a nap that is taken to recover your body from the feeling of fatigue.

  • Prophylactic Nap: This is a type of nap that is taken to cover the last night's loss of sleep.

  • Appetitive Nap: This type of nap is taken to enjoy which helps in improving your body and energy.

  • Fulfillment Nap: This nap is arranged for infants and kids to fulfill their body demands. Kids need more sleep as compared to adults.

  • Essential Nap: When your body is in great need of sleep, then you should take that essential nap. When we are sick we need to sleep more to recover.


Benefits Of A Power Nap


There are multiple benefits of taking a power nap. Whether you are sleeping on a good mattress, with or without a pillow, or anywhere else, the main aim of a power nap is to get relaxation. Apart from these, there are many other benefits of a power nap. Some of them are:


  • The power nap is essential to refresh your mind as well as the body. Napping is a good option when you feel sleepy but don't have enough time to sleep. This process helps in reducing sleepiness and makes you more active.

  • The mind always feels refreshed after a good sleep. A good power nap also gives relaxation to your mind which in turn improves your learning abilities.

  • Power nap makes your mind memorize things for a long time. A relaxed mind helps in the formation of memory.

  • Power naps are also beneficial in regulating the emotions of any person.

  • A good nap is also helpful in reducing stress and anxiety and turns your mood from bad to good.


The Bottom Line


According to experts, a normal person needs 7-9 hours of sleep per day to keep their body healthy. However, power napping can also boost your energy level. If you keep yourself away from power naps, then you should read the benefits again so that you can easily involve yourself in your busy schedule.

Eada Hudes
Eada Hudes
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