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The Payroll and More Outsourcing Options for The HR

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The payroll including wage, monthly or payroll is for many employees as natural as the morning shower. You get it, have a look, and forget it. However, employers and employees should pay attention to several points in order not to experience a nasty surprise. Career Bible has everything you need to know about payroll clearly arranged for you and German payroll outsourcing might be a great help for you. The terms wages and salaries, and payroll are often used interchangeably. There are no major differences in the content of a pay slip compared to the pay slip; the required information is also listed here. For the hr consultancy also outsourcing is an important task.Wages and salaries are the financial remuneration of an employee for the work performed; this is documented accordingly in the wage or salary statement. The difference is as follows:


The calculation for the money transferred at the end of the month is based on the hours actually worked by a worker. Wages and salaries are not the same. The salary is a fixed amount that is the same per month regardless of the hours worked. The wages can vary and are paid according to the hours actually worked. There is a fixed hourly wage and the worker is only paid for the hours worked. The amount of wages fluctuates depending on the amount of hours worked, but also on the month. For example, February is much shorter, so wages are lower.


With a monthly fixed amount one speaks of salary. It is the salary of an employee, regardless of whether the employee works overtime or not. It is often based on collective agreements that are common in the industry.

Components of a payroll: what does it say?

Many employees do not use their control option because payroll is used for this. It must include all relevant information about the accounting period and the composition of the income. According to the trade ordinance, these include:

·         Amounts and supplements

·         Other remuneration

·         Type and amount of deductions

·         Installment payments

·         Advances

There are no binding rules for a payroll in terms of design and content. However, most of them are likely to have a similar structure; after all, it is about being understandable and transparent for the employee how his net wages are made up in a way that is.

Finally, we have security achieved through experience and advanced technology. Specialists in labor legislation and state- of-the-art software ensure that the entire process is error-free. The service consolidates the entire set of laws which is extremely vast and correctly integrates payroll calculations.

After all, that's what you as an employee get: the deductions from the gross salary employer arealready. He should be careful when preparing the payslip. For example, it is important to state whether it is current or one-off payments or deductions or whether a possible premium surcharge for childless people has been correctly noted. Benefits such as monetary benefits or employer grants for compensation payments also have an impact on the calculation of gross wages.

If you, as a small or medium-sized company, want to do the wage or salary accounting for your employees yourself, you can do this using various programs or in the classic way with an Excel spreadsheet. So, as we have already said, payroll outsourcing is a strategic choice of the manager, who decides to transfer an important, but not central company activity, to a company specialized in the business.

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