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The perfect buying guide to platform ladders

Ladders are an important tool for both industrial and retail home use. In both environments i.e. in homes and industries the use of a ladder is the same although industrial uses may vary from case to case.

In homes, we need a ladder to keep or fetch things that are out of our reach or clean objects like fans and tube lights.

In the industries, they can be used for various purposes like working at the top, repairing power grids, cleaning metal tanks, etc.

What are the platform ladders?

A platform ladder is a simple step ladders with a platform at the top. This ensures that the person working on the top can get extra space to work and does not get fatigued easily. These types of ladders come in different sizes and shapes and one has to be careful about a few things while buying them.

How are platform ladders different from normal step ladders?

Both look pretty similar in the sense that both have two supporting legs that provide support. But the only difference is that in the step ladders don't have a platform at the top. So it might not be useful if work has to be done extensively working for long hours on the top step. A person will get easily fatigued.

A platform ladder overcomes this problem by having a bigger platform at the top which ensures enough space to keep your feet. The platform is big enough and the person can move about while working at the top. This gives the person better flexibility while at work. This is why we see such ladders in use in all types of industrial and factory settings. The platform sizes may vary as per the length of the ladder. Usually the higher the ladder the broader the platform.

Safety features on the platform ladders

A platform ladder is indeed much safer to use than normal step ladders. They have a platform at the top which ensures that the person can work comfortably at the top for long hours. 

Apart from this, some longer versions of the ladders come with a full railing at the top so which gives further protection to the person and prevents falling or slipping from the top which can be catastrophic.

What is the range of these ladders?

The platform ladders are manufactured with the industrial needs and requirements in mind. Thus they are much stronger and durable than normal step ladders.

The range of a platform ladder may vary but according to industrial standards, most of the ladders have a reach 15-20 feet.

It is important that when you are buying one of these ladders you know about the what is the maximum range that you may need in your industry or factory.

What is the constituent material in these ladders?

The platform ladder is made for industrial uses and thus they are made with either fiberglass or aluminum.

Aluminum is lightweight and easy to be carried. But the problem is that they are not safe for electrical device installation and repair activities.

On the other hand, fiberglass material is a bit heavier than the aluminum ones. But they are perfect for use by electrical equipment and lamppost repairing companies as fiberglass is a poor conductor of heat and electricity.

What are the different types of platform ladders?

Based on the requirement a platform ladder may be foldable ones, which are perfect when you don't have much storage space.

Firefighting companies also use platform ladders but they are the extendable ones and can be extended to a much greater length. 

It is important to understand that the more the length the heavier it will be. So make sure that you buy one which is of perfect height for your needs.

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