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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Straw Cup for Your Little One

Choosing the right straw sippy cup for your toddler might feel like a challenge, akin to an Olympic event. As a mom of two, I've navigated the intricate world of sippy cups, understanding the frustration and time spent in search of the ideal one. With numerous models available, how do you determine which is the best straw cups for babies?

If your little one is ready to transition from a bottle or sippy cup to a straw cup, and you're feeling a bit lost, fear not. You've landed in the right spot.

OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup with Removable Handles: The Top Contender

OXO 61101000 OXO Tot Straw Cup with Handles Pink 436c8d1f 78d5 4579 b4a2 a71eb5c01c32-BMH

In the domain of straw cups, the OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup with Removable Handles stands out from the rest. Holding a capacity of 6 ounces and being dishwasher safe, it emerged as our top choice after testing 10 different straw cups. Notably, it aced drop tests and remained leak-free even after 12 hours on its side. The cup's resilience during toddler tosses impressed me, making it my personal favourite during the testing phase.

This six-ounce wonder comes with removable handles that stay in place during use. It features measurement marks on the exterior, simplifying the task of monitoring your toddler's liquid intake. Cleaning is a breeze, with the straw easily dismantled into two parts. Moreover, the cup is constructed with strong, eco-friendly plastic, devoid of BPAs, phthalates, and PVC.

My only quibble was that my son initially struggled to figure out how to make liquid flow from the straw, a testament to its spill-proof design.


  • Easy to clean
  • Removable handles
  • Simple to assemble


  • None that we could find

Nuby Clik-it FlexStraw Cup: Affordable and Effective

nuby active sipeez clik-BMH

For those budget-conscious parents, the Nuby Clik-it FlexStraw Cup, priced at around $8 for two cups, emerges as the best value option. With a 10-ounce capacity and hand wash compatibility, this cup demonstrated minimal leakage during testing. Its hourglass design, crafted from BPA-free plastic, ensures easy gripping for little hands.


  • A breeze to clean
  • Minimal leakage


  • None that we could find

Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Straw Cup: Editor's Choice for Durability

pura kiki stainless steel baby bottle-BMH

The Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Straw Cup, our Editor's Choice, combines durability with functionality. With a 9-ounce capacity, it's vacuum-insulated, preventing liquid from spoiling or warming too quickly. The non-toxic silicone spout caters to developing palates. Although it comes with a higher price tag of $26, its quality and eco-friendly design make it a worthwhile investment.

The exterior silicone sleeve protects against condensation and potential dents from toddler-induced drops. Despite the possibility of leakage if not handled carefully, the stretchy food-grade silicone cover ensures a secure fit, minimizing concerns.


  • Vacuum insulated
  • Beautiful design
  • Doesn't leak when dropped or shaken


  • Hard to use cap
  • Relatively expensive

Other Straw Cups We Tested: Exploring Options

Skip Hop Stainless Steel Little Kid Straw Bottle: Fun and Functional

skiphop robot water bottle 4-BMH
  • Known for fun designs, the Skip Hop Straw Cup comes in various colours with cheerful animal patterns. Dishwasher safe and holding 12 ounces, it's a great choice for those seeking an insulated cup. However, beware of potential leaks if shaken vigorously.


  • Fun, kid-friendly designs
  • Carrying strap


  • Leaks when shaken

The First Years: Take & Toss Spill-Proof Straw Cups: Affordable and Adaptable

VW Fam The 6 Best Straw Sippy Cups of 2021 4169542 e55406cb0dd0428ead8004c575c2e583-BMH
  • Catering to toddlers aged 18 months and above, these affordable cups are perfect for on-the-go use. However, be cautious with assembly, and watch out for potential lid explosions if the cup hits the floor in a certain way.


  • Works for children of all ages
  • The lid stays on well


  • Hard-plastic straw

Dr. Brown's Baby's First Straw Cup: Familiarity in Design

dr browns babys first straw cup blue 755008-BMH
  • Leveraging its reputation from Natural Flow baby bottles, Dr Brown's Baby's First Straw Cup offers a familiar design. With a 9-ounce capacity, it's equipped with removable handles and a weighted straw. However, it tends to experience leaks during overnight tests.


  • Removable handles
  • Weighted straw


  • Prone to leaks

Thermos Funtainer: Aesthetic Appeal with Drawbacks

2402 funtainer food jar pink 210616122220097 fhe6eu05tfi4kyfw-BMH
  • Despite its visually appealing design, the 12-ounce Thermos Funtainer struggled with leakage, especially when shaken. The locking lid is a plus, but it might be better suited for older toddlers who are less inclined to play with it.


  • Locking lid
  • Lots of fun, kid-friendly patterns


  • Silicone straw can be bitten through
  • Prone to leaks

Nuby Thirsty Kids Flip-it Reflex: Fun but Messy

  • Sporting a rubbery texture in the middle, the Nuby Thirsty Kids Flip-it REFLEX holds 12 ounces and is lightweight. However, it's known to cause messes due to its design, especially when the cap cover is not in place.


  • Extra lightweight
  • Holds 12 ounces


  • Known to cause some messes

Boon Snug Straw With Cup: Flexible and Portable

7188cf1vvXL. SL1500-BMH

Ideal for on-the-go situations, the Boon Snug Straw with Cup features a flexible silicone lid that stretches to fit most cup sizes. Although it didn't leak during our tests, younger toddlers might find it easy to cause spills by playing with the straw.


  • Flexible silicone lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Doesn't leak when dropped


  • The straw can be messy

Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Cup: Tilt and Sip


Featuring a weighted straw, the Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Cup allows toddlers to tilt it in various directions while still sipping. While it's a unique feature, ensure the lid is properly locked to avoid unexpected spills.


  • Weighted straw
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Doesn't leak while upside-down


  • Feels somewhat flimsy

What You Should Know About Straw Cups: A Brief Guide

ridged glass cup with strawdrinkswareliving simply house 505529-BMH

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests making

the switch from bottles to other drinking options between the ages of 12 and 24

months. A straw cup for babies can help ease the transition from bottle to open cup—especially if you opt for one that doesn’t leak when it’s thrown.

Pick a cup with a soft spout:

ox1116 soft spout life 1d802a46-BMH

Choosing the best infant straw cup with a soft spout is essential to shield a toddler's mouth in case they tip over while drinking. For children who are still growing their gums, a softer spout is advised to minimise harm if the child puts the straw cup in their mouth too quickly or falls while holding it. Choose a cup that prioritises a soft and safe spout design, ensuring a secure and comfortable sipping experience for your young one.

In conclusion, finding the best baby straw cup involves assessing various factors like durability, ease of cleaning, and budget. The OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup, Nuby Clik-it FlexStraw Cup, and Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Straw Cup offer distinct advantages catering to different preferences and needs. Whether it's spill-proof design, affordability, or durability, there's a straw cup out there that suits your little one's sipping style. Explore the options, weigh the pros and cons, and make the transition from bottle to straw cup a seamless and enjoyable experience for both you and your toddler.

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