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The Perfect Use of Magnets for the Fishing Use

When you have your magnet and your rope, you will have to tie everything together with a well-made and resistant knot. Here again, let’s turn to expert who recommends you and explains to you in video how to practice the 8 knot around a loop: this knot has the advantage of being very strong, resistant and of distributing the load well. The loop will allow you to easily detach your fishing magnets.

Where to Fish With a Magnet?

Once you’re ready, there’s no shortage of wetlands. Take a good look around you: there is inevitably near you a river, a canal, a lake or even wells, old wash houses, locks or even a port. As in detection, be an observer and locate the places of activities, where there has been passage or where there is still quite simply.

·         Rivers and Canals are the most popular spots for magnet fishing. If you see a bridge, concentrate around it: it is an important place of passage and the ideal place to get rid of a bulky or an annoying object. it is not uncommon to get out of it. You need to water tools or weapons.

·         Lakes, ponds and ponds are excellent places for magnet fishing. If some of them are sometimes maintained and cleaned from time to time, most remain unfathomed and their vast expanses far too large to have been robbed of any metal object. Do not hesitate to inquire in order to know the age of the water point, this will allow you to favor places potentially more fruitful than others.

·         The well remains of course one of the most popular magnet fishing spots. The particularity of this place lies in the finds that one makes there: nothing is left in a well by chance. Also, you have a good chance of finding very special objects deliberately hidden at the bottom of the point (ammunition, weapons), less dangerous objects that some will have wanted to hide (metal box with family objects) or even coins, probably thrown away. Also voluntarily as a wish to see to hide a treasure if you are very lucky.

Anyway, magnet fishing in a well requires a little more caution than elsewhere due to the risk of getting out of old explosive type objects.

It goes without saying, as in detection, be attentive to people who may swim in the lake you are prospecting. Do not use your rope as a lasso and be sure to keep a good distance from people who may be nearby. A magnet can hurt. Of course, we leave with our waste and we throw it in the place provided for this purpose or better, in a recycling center. Also consider the junkyard if your find is massive.

Magnet Fishing Techniques

Depending on the magnet fishing location, the way you operate may vary. The most popular one is:

Static magnet fishing

The principle: it is a question of throwing the magnet as far as possible from the place where you are located and of pulling the rope (not too quickly), in order to bring the magnet back to you.

In magnetic fishing, the child learns by fishing the symbols he recognizes in a simulated pond with a basin, using a makeshift fishing rod. Separate the numbers or magnetic letters so they don’t stick together, and then fill a basin or tureen with three-quarters of water.

The risk: the magnet can get stuck in a branch or a stone.

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