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The Problems People Face in Searching Public Records 

Finding public records is not an easy task for every person who doesn’t have links in the public records offices. The FOIA 1967 allows activists, journalists and every citizen to get access to public records. After the central Government has passed the act, almost every state has passed similar laws to make the documents and files public. These laws have a few exemptions like foreign policy and national security matters.

Despite the Freedom of Information Act 1967, people have to face different problems while searching for public records for research or any other purpose.

This article will discuss the key problems that people face while searching for public records.

Authorities deny the access

Sometimes when people request access to a particular public record, the authorities refuse to grant access to the data due to many problems. This usually happens when people are not aware of the rules and regulations. Sometimes people want to get access to the records that have an exemption in the FOIA.

The authorities cannot provide the data of national security matters, foreign policy matters and even personal information of people. So, people need to read the act of their state and then apply for the public records. It will help them know whether they can get access to the public records or not.

If they thoroughly read the act, they can also give a reasonable argument if that specific record doesn’t have an exemption in the law.

Visit the public records offices

Sometimes you could also have to visit the public records offices to search for the data you want for your research. The public records offices have specific timing for the citizens. People have to take some time from their busy routine to visit the public records office to find the records. Even taking a leave from the office doesn’t solve the problem.

After reaching the office, they would have to wait for a long time for their turn. But, the problems don’t end here. Even after that, the clerk could deny your access. So, to solve this problem, you should have to be aware of the law to convince the clerk that you have the right to see the relevant record.

Search the databases with incomplete records

To avoid the problems related to visiting the public records offices, people use online databases to see the records. The online databases are very beneficial for those searching the records for academic research or for any other reason as from where they can easily find all the data from their search bars, categories and subcategories sections.

The problem here is that many website owners don't have complete databases, or they don’t update them with time. So, searching for public records on this website is sometimes useless for people as they don’t get the data they want and waste their time and money.

If you are facing any of these problems, you can search for public records on From this website, you can quickly get access to all the public records or files you want if they are not exempted in the law.

Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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