desert safari

Dubai is known for plenty of things, its riches and wealth tops the list. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions. Many activities attract people towards Dubai, Dessert safari secures the top spot in the most famous things to do there. Dubai is surrounded by mounds of sand, in essence to this, the desert safari is comprised of a jeep drive through huge mounds of sand which are known as dune-bashing. During the drive, you will experience the sight of exquisite animals of the middle-east including Camels and authentic lizards.

Rendezvous destinations followed by entertainment:

After a ride through the ceaseless desert the jeep comes to a stop which is a mini- of the traditional Dubai, the activities offered at these stops include henna tattoos, camel rides, hookah and the traditional belly dancers providing extreme entertainment. Desert safaris are offered 3 different times a day but with the same safety and convenience, the times offered are morning, evening and overnight desert safari with the best desert representation safari deals. 

Many people seemed perplexed about the dune-bashing and the rendezvous destinations; the most basic maneuver mostly followed by the companies takes place as follows; 

  • It is prominent from the names that these safaris are customized as per the needs of the party, once booked, the company will contact the concerned party and agree on a rendezvous point, convenient for the party which might include pickup from school, office or school depending on the chosen package.
  • After being picked up by the company anointed driver in a comfortable vehicle you would be taken away from the fast-paced city of Dubai to a soothing and remote desert with exceedingly serene vibes formed by the transitioning of the environment as the tall skyscrapers turn into mounds of sands as far as the eye can see. 
  • After this, you will find yourself on the outskirts of Dubai and you will be dropped off on the roadside where you will be welcomed by the company employees and will be asked to board the 4 by 4 cruisers waiting to take you to the heart of Arabian desert.
  • Fasten your seat-belt as a real-life roller-coaster start of thrills and fun start here. The expert drivers will take you up and down on piles of sand at a very fast speed but with exceptional safety standards.

Hustle and bustle of life in Dubai:

Along with the hustle of Dubai, you can leave the worries about the safety of Dubai Desert Safari in the city as these drivers have mastered the art of driving in desert safari and they know what they are doing. Moreover, being in these 4 by 4 people realize the true meaning behind why they are called “land cruisers” as it feels like the vehicle is cruising in a zigzag manner on the dunes as if a boat is cruising on the vigorous tides of the sea in an effortlessly swift manner. 

Where it may be extremely safe and professionally carried out, it still may not be suitable for pregnant women and people with heart, neck, and spine problems. The desert safari offers Dubai deals that will get you the safest and sound services to enjoy the lifestyle of Dubai.

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