The pros and cons of finishing your unfinished basements!


Completing the unfinished decoration of your basement is actually not a tough task. But yes, you are going to gain and lose a lot in this process. While your basement remains an unoccupied and ignored part of your home in the incomplete stage, you can actually turn it into a wonderful space and equally exciting as the rest of your house if you are finishing its décor properly. So, if you are still confused and under the dilemma of whether you should go for this step or not, then read this post very carefully.

 The negative and positive points of completing your basement décor

Most of the houses do consist of a basement. However, most of these aren’t considered as an active part of these homes. But if you want to decide upon finishing this section of your house to make it an integral part of the place, keep reading.

  • Pro – it increases your property value — If you are going to sell your home soon, then completing your basement decoration is important. You just have to call the house painters in Auckland from RMC Painting to show off their excellence in this area and see the visual transformation of this room. Next, you can add some functional furniture and décor items and flooring to make it look superb in your home. It’s because of these factors that you will be successful in creating a real attraction for your potential buyers and they will agree to pay a nice sum because of this additional square-footage in your house.

  • Con — you might not get all your expenses recouped — Though you are spending a hefty sum in decorating your basement, you should know that you won’t be able to recover the entire money spent on this task. The buyers will give you a nice sum no doubt, but it may not be equivalent to the money you spent for the basement decoration.

  • Pro — You gain an extra functional space — When you complete the decoration of your basement, you have the option to utilise it however you desire. You can either create a nice home office for yourself or a gym or just a guest room or a play area for your kids or even a game room for yourself.

  •  Con — This space would be dark and gloomy — Regardless of the fact that you are spending almost a fortune in decorating your basement, you have to remember that this space will always be without windows and natural light. But the plus point is that it makes it ideal for certain functions – for example – the media room.

  • Pro — Create a noisy space here — Since it is the basement, the noise from this section of your house never reaches your neighbours. No complaints coming from your neighbours. Now you can be happy and create a room for your teenager or your game time entertainment or a media room in this section.

  • Con – Moisture will be an issue — New matter how much you try, moisture is always an issue in the basement. As it is under the ground, you will also face a lot of humidity. Since ventilation is also not adequate, mould keeps recurring in this area.


However, even after pointing out so many cons, let us also ask you this – why would you not utilise the extra living space that came with your house (and you paid for it too!)? Also remember, there are many benefits too. So, finish your basement, and enjoy a beautiful home and also increase its market value.