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Must Consider The Pros And Cons Of Inline Shower Door Before You Buy

Modern homeowners have widely embraced frameless shower doors. Is your bathroom too old or boring and you would like to upgrade the shower enclosure doors?  Maybe it is time for you to install an inline shower door that will make your bathroom look sleek and flashy. Inline shower doors are designed to be fixed in the glass panels of a shower enclosure. Individuals who want to remain minimalists mostly use them. Those who are looking to save on space and also make their bathrooms look elegant. Since the bathroom is one of the rooms that is mostly used within a home, it needs to remain clean and comfortable or any user. When you have visitors within your home, they need to feel comfortable using your bathroom. Therefore, adding an inline glass shower door would be a good option. Buying the inline shower door can be either done online at fab glass and mirror or in any store near you. However, before you buy, you might need to understand the pros and cons of having this type of best glass shower doors in your bathroom.

Pros Of Inline Shower Doors


Most modern homes have stylish bathrooms installed with frameless glass shower doors. When buying inline shower doors for an upgrade or initial installation, you need to identify the kind of style that you want to introduce in your home. When you have a stylish inline glass shower doors, it will transform your old r boring bathroom to look stylish and classy. You need to select the trendy designs that will perfectly fit in the bathroom shower enclosure so that you have a new comfortable look before buying; you should confirm the style that will match with your shower enclosure.


Most framed glass shower doors are fixed to fit in a specific place on the shower enclosure. With the inline glass shower doors, you can comfortably cut it to fit in different positions on your glass shower and easily customizable. If you bought a frameless shower door that does not fit perfectly on the shower enclosure, you could seek glass cutting services that will help you cut the glass door to fit in the shower enclosure precisely. This way, you will not have to worry about buying an oversized inline shower door. However, it is recommended that you should always know the dimensions of the shower door that you want for the shower enclosure. It will save he time.

No Corrosion

Corrosion comes as a result of the reaction between water and steel. Most traditional doors had steel frames that were prone to corrosion. This can make your bathroom unattractive if you do not maintain it perfectly. With the inline glass shower doors, they do not corrode since they do not have frames. The frameless type is most popular among homeowners due to this advantage.  However, cleaning should be done regularly to avoid the formation of stains which could result from hard water.

No Mold Formation

Molds form in most traditional glass shower doors due to the many spaces left between. Wooden doors, for instance, have spaces between the wood where the molds can easily attach themselves and end up being unattractive in your contemporary bathroom design. With the inline doors, the formation of molds is not possible since there are no spaces left between the glass and the glass panels. A squeegee should be left within the bathroom to always wash off the foam from the soap after using the bathroom. It will be helpful so that you maintain the glass door as good as new.

Cons Of Inline Shower Doors


One of the primary cons of installing inline glass doors in your bathroom is their cost. The initial cost of this type of door is higher than that of the traditional wooden or steel doors. When working on a tight budget, you might find it difficult to afford this type of door. If you are planning to get an upgrade to an inline glass door, you must have the financial muscle for initial investment and future maintenance.


During the installation process, there are railings that are installed at the bottom of the door. When they are not correctly installed, there could be leakage of water from the shower enclosure when being used. This could result in a messy environment gradually. If not checked, you might find your bathroom soaked in water due to the continuous leakage. In the installation process, keep this in mind so that you will have the bottom rails installed properly.

Temperature Problems

If your inline glass door is not made from hardened glass, you might have a problem with heat. If the standard glass is used for the door, it could crack which will send you back to the shop to buy a replacement. Always invest in a high-quality glass type to avoid such occurrences.

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