The Pros and Cons of Social Networking

Social Networking Pros and Cons

Whether it is marketing a new business, telling a brand story or meeting new people, the world is now digitized in every way you look at it, thanks to social media. For example, how is Facebook having an impact on lives of millions using it? Also, can I find someone I can pay to do my homework via Twitter?

Pros of social networking

People sign up for Facebook, Google Plus or Instagram accounts because of one reason or the other. But, underscoring everything is the fact that they want to network socially using tech-driven inventions, and reach many people globally. The following are, therefore, more advantages of using social media:

·        Instantaneous communication

Save for emails and landline telephones, years preceding social media were marked by difficult-to-break communication boundaries. However, the advent of social media changed the narrative. Now, more than ever, you do not just use these channels to send instant messages but also go live via videos when communicating with someone.

·        News and information about events as they happen

A few years ago, we had to wait for prime time news to catch up with events of the day. For some, waiting for newspapers after 24 hours was excruciating. But, social networks have changed everything. You can, for example, watch events as they happen via Facebook Live or Instagram Live. For twitter lovers, live tweets are notwithstanding a perfect way of catching up with news real-time.

·        Unmatched sources of entertainment

You wouldn’t be bored using social media, not ever. Whether you are a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram user, these platforms have become vital entertainment sources. Watch video, listen to music and share photos on the go without the limitation of boundaries.

·        Help grow your business

Today’s businesses would hardly thrive in the face of stiffening competition without social media. Take for example marketing. Provide you’ve created a page, Facebook marketing or, Instagram shoutouts as well as influencer marketing on other platforms will get your business on the go. Before you know it, huge returns on investments will start streaming into your money wallet.

·        Meet new people from around the world

If social media networks are not helping you meet new people, the very purposes for which most exist, then you are underutilizing Facebook or twitter. Plugins like send friend requests follow, like and comment make it possible to communicate with anyone, and in the process, move from strangers to acquaintances.

Cons of social media

On the contrary, the advent of social media has brought it a concern for worry. The following are, therefore, downsizes of these networks:

·        Privacy breaches

Facebook has been battling negative publicity for the wrong reasons in recent years. And, at the center of it is user information privacy, which it is accused of sharing with data mining companies. That is not all. Without strong passwords, including allowing social media Apps unfettered access to your personal details and phone; you are taking a huge risk of sharing personal information with third parties whose intent can be hazardous.

·        Platforms for peer pressure and online bullying

Cyber bullying is of the worst experiences anyone can have online, and it can be a cause for depression and humiliation.  But, that is nothing compared to the amount of peer pressure taking place via social media. Users are cultivating bad behaviours in the name of cultural exchange because gate keeping is not very strict.

·        Exposure to scam, exploitation and other dangers

Social media platforms have become evolved into danger zones for users. You can never tell when a scam activity comes your way. Other days, becoming a victim of hackers who will further want to exploit you in exchange for an account they now control are some of the most prevalent cases of online scam taking place via social networks.


In a nutshell, using Facebook, twitters, Instagram or Snapchat to hang out with friends and share content shouldn’t be without precautionary measures. If you are presently doing a term paper on effects of social media, a good thesis editing service should help fine-tune your paper. You don’t want to become the next victim of cybercrime or suffer from dangerous addiction to social networks.