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The Pros and Cons of Tankless Water Heaters

When we look for any home appliances, we look for their optimal uses and utilization. Now is time when everyone should be concerned about saving electricity and water consumption to the most, according to present world statistics and condition. A small step can make a huge difference, be it for any home appliances.  If you are planning to buy a new water heater, then, you should give a serious look to the newer and energy efficient tankless water heater. It heats water, only as much is needed, instead of storing heated water in a tank.Every invention comes with their pros and cons. While tankless water heaters consume less space in a wall and can save a lot of electricity, it can leave you with higher initial costs and the possibility of not producing enough hot water for your household requirements. Let’s have an overall glance at advantages and disadvantages of tankless water heaters reviews.

Pros of tankless water heaters

1.Less electricity bill- tankless water heaters are energy efficient and save a lot of the energy and reduces your monthly bills of running your home

  1. Continuous unlimited Hot Water-with this type of heater you can do multi tasks simultaneously. Because the water is heated at the moment you are using it, you can never go short of hot water. You can use shower, wash the dishes and a load of laundry all at once.

3. Long-Lasting System- Tankless water heater life duration is quite higher than tank water heater. A typical tank lasts up to 10-15 years whereas tankless one can last up to 20.

  1. Save Space- A tankless water heater takes very less space as compared to the bulky traditional tank water heater that tends to be quite big in size. The tankless one is mounted to the wall as there is no tank, therefore, gives more storage space in your utility room.

Cons of tankless water heaters

  1. Heating Time- you have to wait for a few seconds or a minute to get the continuous flow of hot water, though it is not a big deal to wait for such a short time. Unlike a tank water heater, you won’t get hot water flowing immediately.
  2. Upfront Cost-Tankless water heater requires a quite huge amount in its upfronting cost as compared to the traditional water heater. In the long run, it may be saving the money by consuming less energy but the initial budget may not be suitable for all. The upfront cost is high because the tankless units require a special, dedicated sealed vent system.

3. May face Shortage of hot Water when using for multipurpose- tankless water heater sometimes may not be able to produce enough hot water for multiple tasks. The problem may arise when you want to take a shower while doing the laundry at the same time.

These are the best-observed pros and cons of tankless water heaters to help you decide better between both traditional and contemporary water heaters.

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