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The Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Patches

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Trying to fit a weight loss program into your busy schedule can be challenging. Wading through all the promising claims made by clever weight loss product marketing teams to discern the scams from the real deal is almost always a hassle. One of these products, the weight loss patch, promises that the application of the patch to your skin will increase metabolism, boost fitness and wellness, and speed up your weight loss efforts.

Is the weight loss patch too good to be true? Let’s take a look at some of the positive and negative aspects of the patch, and discover whether it’s worth adding to your diet arsenal.

Pro: It Requires Little Effort

A weight loss patch, like the Thrive patch, is applied directly to clean, smooth skin. The idea is that through transdermal delivery, the patch administers its active ingredients under the skin and into the bloodstream.

Just like other weight loss supplements, using the patch could provide your body with metabolism-boosting ingredients that promise 24-hour weight loss support. A weight loss patch touts passive effort with big results, as you could simply apply it and go about your daily routine.

Pro: It Can Suppress Your Appetite

Many of the ingredients within weight loss patches have been shown to curb your cravings. Weight loss promoting herbs and chemicals that increase energy expenditure also suppress your appetite, meaning you’ll want to eat less at mealtime and, as it's widely known, eating less inevitably leads to a trimmer waistline.

Pro: Its Ingredients

Users typically need not worry about any harmful, synthetic ingredients included in weight loss patches. Weight-loss patches are formulated to contain a host of ingredients derived from natural sources. Most of these ingredients have been shown to have weight-loss promoting effects like increased energy, a boosted mood and lowered cholesterol.

It must be noted that many of these ingredients may only be available in small amounts, so their efficacy is debated. Still, not having to worry about adding any risky substances to your body is one of the major positive assets of a weight loss patch.

Pro: It’s Discrete

Because they can be applied to a small area of skin, weight loss patches can be easily concealed by clothing. When it comes to weight loss supplements, the patch is an attractive solution for its ease of use and ability to wear it without anyone even knowing you have it on.

Con: It Has Side Effects

As with anything put into your body, it doesn’t come without side effects. People with sensitive skin may have adverse reactions to the patch adhesive. Even with natural ingredients, some of the appetite-suppressing effects could work too well on people with a sensitivity to natural stimulants.

Con: It’s Not For Everyone

If you have a lot of weight to lose, the weight loss patch may only prove minimally effective. The patch’s ingredients may not be able to get to where it needs to go when traveling beyond fatty layers beneath the skin. Because of this, the ingredients become less potent, and may not work as well as they would on a person with a lower body fat percentage.

Con: It Won’t Work Alone

Most weight loss patches are simply one part of a bigger plan for weight loss that includes dietary restrictions, exercise plans and nutritional balancing. As nice as it would be, weight loss patches are not a magic cure.

As well, if you’re not getting the sleep and nutrition that your body needs, a weight loss patch’s effects could be offset and minimized. To get the trim waistline you’re after, a weight loss patch should be used to boost and supplement your other weight loss efforts.


When it comes to weight management, a weight loss patch could be an ideal solution for busy people trying to fit getting in shape into their busy routine. Through some research and consideration, weight loss products like the patch can help you on your journey to a smaller size and optimal health.

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