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The purpose of using the Nose filter mask

The atmospheric condition of the earth is being changed due to air pollution, in the ancient period the earth will be green everywhere there will be fresh air and water people lead a beautiful systematic healthy life in the ancient period. But now in this 20th century, people lost their peaceful life to lead a techno life. Due to the lack of knowledge people cut off the trees and started to construct the building. 

Plants and trees give us fresh oxygen, it brings rain, and it gives us fruits and vegetables. People to earn money they eradicated the nature system and went towards artificial life they stated to hybrid the vegetables, crops, and fruits so right now we lost good food, then the main problem we are facing are air pollution due to this person in the city wear nose filter mask for their survival to protect themselves from various disease.

Why should we be the nose filter mask?

Yes of course! Everyone should wear a nose filter mask for their healthy survival. The air in the atmosphere is not pure it got 100% polluted which cause various respiratory problems like dust allergy, asthma, scars, anthrax, and various viral infection. Wear nose filter maskas the polluted air contains lead, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide, and much more toxic gas is filled in this polluted air which leads the human and another living organism to multiple medical disorders. 

They may defect our organ system like eye cancer, skin irritation, dry cough, throat infection, severe cold which leads to several organ disorders. Air pollution is to consider the major risk factor in society. Alzheimer’s, ventricular hypertrophy and Parkinson’s are the major diseases, which decrease the immunity and fetal growth of the living organism. Even though the percentage level of air pollution in the atmosphere has reached a sever critical point, but there are still ways by which we can reduce the number of air pollutants from the air.

Why people and doctors are induced to wear a nose filter mask?

Recently china is affected with the critical virus called coronavirus which started to spread throughout the world, China is not only famous for the population even technology-wise they have developed so rapidly, but the city of china also shows the actual position of the country, chines people work very hard like and honeybee they always welcome new technology and they implement in a grand success. People in China who were induced to wear a nose filter mask will always support their government in a positive way they will be so united and patriotic towards their motherland. Right all the normal life of the people has been swiped off by the coronavirus.

  • Coronavirus attacks from newborn babies to senior citizens of china. China faces lots of consequence to lead its routine life against coronavirus.
  • China people wear induced to wear nose filter mask to protect themselves from the virus has shut down all its routine works, symptoms of coronavirus are severe cold and cough The specialized camp is arranged by the government which tends to treat and check the people in the country and induced then to wear nose filter maskhelps up all over the affected place in the country and precaution action has taken.
  • Even one in the city induced to wear a nose filter mask to protect them from the virus.
  • Affected people should wear anose filter mask and are taken care of in the special hospital and visitors are restricted inside. The special camp is held up to examine the blood for all the people in the country.
  • Doctors should wear an invisible pollution mask who is working hard to put an end to coronavirus but still, they could not find the antibiotic for the coronavirus.  

Due to several infections in the air and the atmosphere, people are advised to wear a nose filter maskto prevent themselves from various diseases. Recently the is a virus called coronavirus which is widely spreading throughout the world it was originated in china first and later it started to spread throughout China and entered European countries and slowly entered great India.  

World Health Organization declared that many unknown virus-like coronae revolve in the atmospheric air which causes various dismantle for humans as well as all living organisms. If a person coughs the virus in that cough will spread in the atmospheric air and it affects the next person likewise these viruses spread in the air and cause various deficiencies for the living life because of this pollution people are instructed to wear the nosefilter masks to protect themselves from various unknown micro-organisms like an undefined virus, un-sorted elements in the air which will cause various harmful deficiencies for the living organism which even may lead them to the death. 

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