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The Qualities Required to Become a Real Footballer

1 Becoming a professional footballer cannot be improvised.

The apparent ease with which the players move on the field is the result of many years of work. Certain qualities are present in an almost innate way (so to speak), while others are acquired with hard work, often from childhood and then surrounded by professionals from this universe. In the meantime, if you or your child responds positively to the following criteria, then professional football may be for you.

Physical, technical, and interpersonal skills: if you have been playing football from an early age in soccer camps vancouver, if you have team spirit, if you are tough, have the taste for the effort to support the training loads, the sense of sacrifice (food hygiene, outings, friends, family life, girlfriends and boyfriends, among others), which you know to be listening to others, if you are ready to travel in your country or across the planet, that you know how to adapt to other cultures, that you know how to question yourself and that you are determined.

2 Start young.

In the case of children, it often happens that fathers push their boys to choose this professional path. What dad, even a little fan of football, would not want to be at the origin of a great international football champion? Unless the child is on the same wavelength as his dad, probably the latter should ask himself the right questions about his motivation to push his offspring in this way, who may not want to, finally! If, however, everyone shares the same point of view, it's time to start building the career of this child prodigy as soon as possible.

3 Listen to others.

An essential quality for success in this profession is knowing how to listen to others. You must obviously be receptive to your coach, but also to the advice of members of your family regarding your choices for your professional orientation.

4 Learn patience.

Whether it's finding a good club or forced rest from injury, patience is a virtue of a footballer. It is best to stay patient and practice your skills over and over with pure determination. Patience is the key.

5 Prepare to travel.

By being a pro, you won't have a conventional life. Travel is frequent, and if a club from a foreign country wishes to hire you, you will have to go and live far from your usual family and friends (you will have new ones ...).

Go to a training center

1 Improve your game constantly.

To have every chance of being spotted by a football club, the candidate must prove that he is motivated, and above all, that he handles the round ball like no one, or almost. To be seen in action by the breeders, there is the compulsory passage through approved training centers. These schools, reserved for young people aged 10 to 20, offer training in professional football, but also to follow a traditional education. The parents of the candidate himself must ensure that the chosen center offers not only real sports training but above all solid academic training, in case of failure in the world of football.

To join a training center, the candidate must be able to bring "something exceptional" to professional football. Indeed, many amateurs want to join a school where you can follow your studies, but especially kick the ball a good part of the day. However, entry is selective, not all players are suitable for a high-level team.

2 Try your luck.

According to figures published by the Senate, for every 10 players entering a training center, one player will reach the first division and another, the lower division.

It is one thing to try your luck, but above all, you have to prepare for an abortive adventure, even before it has really started.

3 Contact the approved centers.

 The best thing to do if you are still motivated to become a professional football player is to contact the approved training centers. In addition to first telephone contact, some schools offer web forms, to be completed, preferably in good French, in order to be called back later.

The aim of this call will be to inform you of the subsequent dates of the test sessions, at which a large number of talents will compete for the few free places to be filled.

4 Be persistent.

You may have just understood it: the chances are very slim of being spotted during a game of football with friends on the communal ground or in the street! Few of the great international players have not gone through a training center, in order to join a world-renowned team. In addition, it is quite possible to have been spotted, invited to take tests in a large team and not be selected. Finally, to be spotted, it is imperative to have a little extra magic touch, which could make the difference within a professional football team.



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