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The Quick Guide to Buying a Vehicle

Buying a new vehicle can often be a difficult choice since there are many options to choose from. An automobile is graded as one of the most significant and heaviest investment that one makes as a buyer. Therefore, it is important to conduct proper research before selecting a vehicle. For assistance, once can access a reliable vehicle comparison tool online such as Orange Book Value (OBV) to compare automobiles with respect to their size, appearance, body type, cost, mileage, fuel, service cost, features etc. As giants in auto manufacturing industry, Toyota and Volkswagen were the leading automakers on a globally scale in terms of revenue as per the stats of 2020. Also, as a fact the online retail sales comprise nearly 10% of the total sales, from which a major share of 4.2% is captured by online car sales.

Why refer vehicle compare tools online?

Even for the first-time users, price comparison websites can appear easy to navigate through. Many online vehicle buyers and sellers are turning towards these websites after realizing their benefits. Not only these portals act as one-stop shop to check all car deals but are helpful in saving a great deal of money, therefore churning out the most profitable choice. Websites like OBV are ranked as amazing tools to 'Compare Cars' based on almost every imaginable feature. The comparison can be done for various car models in just one quick link to find the pros and cons of every deal. This comparison can be done from the comfort of one’s home hence it is much simpler than contacting individual providers to reach a purchase decision. Steps for comparison are:

  • Visit the car comparison website link and choose the name of the cars that are you are interested in buying
  • Select and add 3 cars maximum at a given time; add 3 top car choices and click ‘compare now’
  • Display a list of different aspects of each car such as features, specifications, and the cost
  • Assess each choice with respect to features available along with benefits and price, before finalizing one

By following just these simple 4 steps, you will be able to conduct the vehicle comparison. By using vehicle compare tools online, you can compare any vehicle, be it car, bike, scooter, used, new. The best part of using such tool is that it gives you freedom to evaluate and check as many times, you want to want. It is the best way to take decision and also convince others.

Factors to consider while finalizing a car on vehicle comparison online

Buying a car is a very personalized choice. Some buyers might require an upgrade to an SUV or a long / stretch sedan with the budget in hand, whereas some might look for a pre-owned car to bring home their first four-wheeler. In all cases, budget remains the key factor followed by the fuel efficiency. Cars that have a high selling record are often the ones that promise high mileage while settling well within the pockets of the buyers. The list below reveals the top factors to be considered before finalizing an automobile through a vehicle comparison tool or offline. 

  • Brand: Indicating the manufacturer primarily is the core consideration while buying a vehicle. It is always advised to research and read about the performance of various brands featured in the market. Higher the sales volume of a car, possibility of it performing well is higher.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance is an integral part of any car purchase to enjoy a hassle-free ownership. So, a brand with a strong dealership network and great after sales service is the best pick. 
  • Usage: Use of vehicle is a reflection of one’s own lifestyle and choices. Pick a car that suits the area where you live, like mountains, coastal regions, rough terrains, etc.  It should be absolutely in tandem with the road conditions to ensure that it lasts long in a partnership and stands worth every penny invested. Stick to basic type of hatchback for regular driving needs, whereas SUVs are more suited to long drives. 
  • Cost: Always consider add on costs to the ex-showroom price which will be insurance, sales tax etc. that might be pocket heavy. 
  • Safety Features: The new makes are assured to come with safety features so that driving risk is minimized. This includes airbags, anti-lock braking system, pre-crash system, tire pressure monitoring system etc. 

Conclusion:  Before searching your choice on any vehicle comparison tool, make sure your expectation from a vehicle is crystal clear. A wrong choice in this case is often irreversible. No worries, even if you are not clear about the expectations of your dream car, you can always check and recheck on the comparison tool. Sometimes, more exploring helps to find out what exactly we want. The more you explore, the more you will figure out what your dream vehicle looks like.

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