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The Quickest Way to Create Popular Web Pages

The quickest way of creating web pages is either by yourself or by hiring professionals for website development. There are website builders too that are easy and cheap. The quickest and cheapest way of making a website or webpages is creating it free of cost using a website builder. Now in this blog, I will be sharing a few ways on how to create a popular and good-looking website.

The three ways of publishing your website are:

Using website builder

This way of building a website is cheap, quick and you can create your website, the way you want. You can give it a professional look as you want.

Hire a web designer

Another option is hiring a web design agency. This is possible when you have no time and enough money to spend on website creation.

Create a free website on your own.

Learn a bit of HTML or make a free website on your own.

Let’s walk through some points to know the better ways of creating web pages quickly.

  •       Website builder

You can rely on website builders as by this you don't have to learn HTML, and other coding stuff. Website builders come with different packages including domain name service, SSL certificate, and hosting services. So, it is advisable to choose a website builder that is affordable for you. Consider below things before choosing

  1. Cost
  2. Features
  3. Templates and themes available
  4. Support and ease to use

While making a website, check your budget. Some features open when you take premium service. Your budget is an important factor that decides what will be included in your website. After choosing a website builder, check the available features. Depending on the existing features, decide whether you want to take paid features. Whatever website builder you are choosing, check the extensions, if something you need is missing drop that website builder’s idea.

Choose another one. While designing a website, themes and templates are a crucial part. Ensure that the template library has all the updated themes. Check those themes to get an idea of what your site may look like after its application. All website builders are designed in such a way that it is very simple for everyone to use. Make sure you get website support and responsiveness.


  •       Choose a Pre-made website template


You can choose a pre-made template from the template library. Pre-made layouts are easy to set up and create websites. Moreover, viewing templates help you to get a demo view of your website. There are different templates according to your business. After selecting the template check the demo view and make sure it contains responsive elements.


  •       Customize your chosen template


If you have little knowledge about HTML and CSS, you can customize the template. Customize the template as you want. You will want your website to be someone’s copy. So for the sake of it change the color and insert the images you want. You can even change the size and text fonts. It is quite easy. Put the colors that define your brand correctly.


  •       Start adding webpages


Once you are done with the layout and template selection, plan out the pages you want to add to your site. You'll need the home page, service page (if you provide services), contact us page, product page (if you have products for selling purposes), and many other pages that you want to add. Make sure you title the pages appropriately. Include your keyword in your title and web page description. Write a meta description that conveys your services or website.


  •       Optimize your website


To make your website come to the top while searching, write optimized content. Perform a keyword research and stuff targeted keywords related to your business. Take ideas from your competitors so that you write something creative and out of the box. Find something short in the first place but don't forget to change and increase the content. It all happens slowly.

Ensure you use Google docs while writing content. Use Grammarly once you are done with your content.


  •       Install Extensions


Every CMS has some extensions and adding on extensions looks great on the website. Check which extensions are available on your CMS. Among the library of extensions, choose the one you want to add to your website. For example, you can show Facebook feeds or Instagram sliders on the website just by adding a relevant extension.

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