The Real Reasons People Quit Their Job


Worried about employee retention?

A record number of people quit their job in 2021 during the great resignation of the Covid-19 pandemic. But why are people quitting their jobs? And what can you do to protect your business from high employee turnover rates, and losing quality talent?

Workers are quitting their jobs for more than just pay — they’re evaluating their values and their career more than ever before.

Keep reading to understand the real reasons people quit their job so you can implement a prevention strategy.

Employees Feel Unrecognized

So why is everyone quitting their job? When employees feel unrecognized, it can result in low morale and a loss of interest in the job, and eventually employee resignation.

People need to feel seen and valued for all of the work they do, including smaller day-to-day tasks. Ensure managers are trained well so that they can motivate employees and boost their morale.


Another option use employee reward schemes — book a demo of Axomo to find out more.

Poor Leadership and Management

Bad managers are another common reason why people quit — they can be a cause of resentment and frustration that causes unhappiness and low productivity.

Invest time and money into training your leaders and managers, and ensure that communication flows smoothly around your business to prevent any blockers.

In terms of higher leadership, make sure that they connect the values of your company to all employees to give everybody an overall sense of purpose, direction, and mission.

Lack of Advancement Opportunities

If it feels like getting promotions, pay raises, or advancing in the company is impossible, it will lead to employees wanting to quit their job.

People need to understand exactly what they need to do to advance and have a clear path ahead of them, otherwise, they’ll lose motivation. If anybody is turned down for a pay rise, they should be clearly informed about why that is the case.

Employees should feel empowered to succeed by their companies, rather than feeling like they have to fight hard for their success in a company that is supposed to value and support them.

Workload is Unmanageable

People need a work-life balance and to understand that their personal lives outside of the company are being valued and respected. If this isn’t the case, it could lead to them wanting to quit the job they’re in and focus more on their personal lives.

Train managers to look for signs of overworking and burnout, and to check in with their staff. Ensure that teams are the right size to avoid any overwhelm for their members.

Employees Quit their Job: What Next?

Concerned about employees wanting to quit their job?

It’s not all about pay and incentives. People need to feel valued, recognized and understood while they’re working, and they need a good work-life balance. What is being done at your company to enforce this?

If anybody does quit, having an exit interview is a great way to assess what went wrong so you can implement their advice in the future.

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