The Robots are Coming to School: Now What?

Robots and School Students

The last few decades have witnessed insane increase in technology. The advancements in the technology have taken over most of the world. People have started depending merely on technology for various everyday tasks in life. Now the scientists have started working on programming machines with artificial intelligence to fully take over the tasks which previously used to require humans. The robots are being made for the corporate world as well as for the health sector, education sector an everyday life. Engineering students are also taught how to make a robot during their university life. Often students also take help from web design service in Dubai to get the layout of the robot system made perfectly.

Hospitals will be having robots in the place of receptionists, nurses and other tasks. Similarly restaurants will be able to make use of the robots as their waiter. Hence, every sector would be easily able to make use of the robots. Education sector will also start making use of the robots in the institutes by 2027.

The robots for the education sector will be programmed such a way that they will be able to teach students in a customized and personalized manner. The robot will be able to grasp on the abilities of each student individually and teach them according to their strengths, weaknesses and speed to catch new concepts. However, according to some scientists the robots will not be able to fully compensate for  a teacher and the human teachers will then be responsible to oversee the robots in order to check whether o not the students are progressing academically or not. Similarly these teachers will also help the students to conduct co curricular activities.

However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of robots coming to the schools which are discussed as follow.

Advantages of AI in classrooms:

Following are the advantages of robots in the classrooms.

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Increased efficiency:

A robot will have zero chances of error as compared to that of a human being. It will perform more efficiently and without any sort of physical or mental stress throughout the day. One teacher cannot teach all the subjects to a lot of students in one day. However, a robot will be able to teach various subjects to the students throughout the day.

Reduced cost of training:

Robots will not need individual training which will decrease the cost of training and operations. Single programmed software will be able to serve various machines which will help the education sector spend less on training and other operations regarding training.

Individual attention:

The robots will be able to understand the capabilities of the students individually which will promote targeted attention. The students will be able to perform and learn better due to this and have improved academics record.

Better decision making:

Often humans fail to take the right decisions due to their emotional intelligence. Their emotions come in between the logical explanations of various situations. However, in the case of robots it will not happen due to the absence of emotions in them and the decisions will always depend on logic.

Disadvantages of AI in classrooms:

Following are the disadvantages of robots coming to school.


Unemployment will be the greatest disadvantage of robots coming to school. A lot of teachers and other staff member will lose their jobs simply because a robot would be able to handle all of that single handedly.

Inability to take critical decisions:

Often human beings take critical situations under consideration to take a certain decision. There could be a lot of last minute things happening up which robot would not be able to figure out hence being unable to think out of the box. It will only be able to decide what’s been programmed in its system.

Higher cost:

Making a robot is highly expensive. Installing robots in the education system will demand a large number of robots to be provided to each institute which will be highly costly.

Robots will be coming to school in a few years with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It will be equally as beneficial as a great loss for a lot of people working in the education sector.