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The Role of a Quantity Surveyor Before Building a New Extension

Project Quantity Surveyor

All the construction projects, from houses or offices to large business projects, need to be designed efficiently. Every self-builders and renovators need to seek help from Quantity Surveyors to keep their project idea on track. It will help them to control financial disaster and blown budget.

What is a Project Quantity Surveyor?

Project Quantity Surveyor, also known as the project manager, construction economists is a famous face in the field of projects related to housing development. They provide a detailed assessment of materials and its usage that self-builders will require for the project. They sum up all the elements and create a budget with an exact calculation of the cost of the whole project. A quantity surveyor can also create a plan including budgeting and other aspects as against a chartered valuation surveyor who would only do the residual valuation. What it means is that you can have realistic budgets before you start, and you can arrange for loans or other funding measures accordingly.

Apart from their basic function, a Project Quantity Surveyor also work to reduce the risk associated with the construction project effectively. QS, at the beginning of the project, will come up with costs-based planning and building drawings at the simplest level. The tasks include preparing timetables, planning cost, engineering, costing of works and conducting feasibility studies. 

Role of Project Quantity Surveyor

Quantity Surveying firms can help to achieve the most cost-effective renewable energy products on the market. Their idea is to make a building as energy efficient as possible. They analyse the level of insulation sufficient to meet all the requirements and use them accordingly. They try to make the building as energy efficient as possible and meet the most current building regulations with a variation of products available on the market.

Is hiring a Project Quantity Surveyor necessary?

Sometimes the idea that crosses our mind is that hiring a QS is just an unnecessary add on to the overall budget. Hiring an efficient quantity surveyor at the very beginning of the project can actually help you save more money in the long run. It is ideal to have an independent surveyor on board along with the architect. It will ensure the actual affordability of the cost of the project before submitting the building plans.  An independent surveyor will play the role of an individual who can solve the problems between property owner and builder. 

The success of a building project lies on recruiting trusted professionals. A Quantity Surveying firm provides the best professional who can help the self constructors, who have recently started, to avoid budding pitfalls. The addition in the amount charged by them are alleviated, especially on big projects by the savings they can create.

The quantity surveyor provides cost-cutting suggestions in the same way an account would do. But they are considered to be more accurate because they visit the premise on a regular basis and keep themselves involved in the project throughout. Therefore, a Quantity surveyor is the best cost-effective way to a successful project a self constructor must-consult.

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