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The Seven Biggest Mistakes That HVAC Contractors Make

Even professionals with years of expertise can make a mistake because none of us is perfect. And that means even your HVAC contractor may end up making a mistake that can hinder the performance or even the efficiency of your HVAC system.

The unexpected mistakes made by the HVAC Company in Louisville can impact the customers. And sometimes, these mistakes can hurt the reputation of the business.

Although the mistakes made by the contractors are unintentional, their action towards the mistake says a lot about them. Your HVAC contractor should find ways to make sure the mistake is tackled at the earliest.

Now, let us take a look at the seven biggest mistakes that HVAC contractors end up making.

1 Misread Combustion Safety:

Many times when an HVAC contractor responds to a carbon monoxide issue, he visits the site and checks the furnace for any heat caused cracks. If he doesn't find any damages, then he will consider the problem as a false alarm and proceed with replacing the batteries.

However, this should be the case. The contractor must know about back drifting and must test for the same too. He must inspect the gases and depressurization during the carbon monoxide issue. Or else the homeowners may suffer carbon monoxide poisoning.

2 Overlooking Home Performance:

The HVAC contractor should offer quality services. For instance, when he visits a client for annual service or sudden inspection; he must take a full view of the house by going into attics, basement, crawlspace, etc. and be honest on what is required and what not.

Many HVAC contractors usually forget or overlook the need to tell the homeowners regarding the houses' comfort. If you think that your HVAC contractor isn't offering you the correct information on insulation, then it is time to hire a new HVAC Company in Louisville.

3 Ignoring the Airflow:

Airflow is a major part of the HVAC system. But not all the contractors have a proper mastery of it.

If your home is experiencing inefficiencies or leaks, then the ductwork's wrong size needs to be blamed. And, of course, the contractor who did not measure it correctly. This is because every contractor must have proper knowledge about the ductwork system. This way, the customer can save a few dollars on utility bills. If your contractor doesn't find any issue with the improper ductwork, then it is time to find a new one.

4 Just Considering the "HAC" And Not the "V":

For most of us, the main concerns are the heating and cooling of the house to make it cozy; and that means ventilation takes a backseat. With new construction codes, it has become extremely vital that all three factors are considered, that is, the heating, cooling, and ventilation.

The contractors need to take extra care in making sure that the air in the house moves correctly. The contractor must also look after the negative and positive pressure. Even pressure balance needs to be taken care of.

5 Avoiding the Calculation:

Knowing the HVAC calculation is extremely crucial too. HVAC is continuously evolving, meaning the contractor must know the math of new systems. Only with proper mathematical knowledge of heat gain and loss can the contractor suggest a good house system.

The contractor cannot rely on thumb rules to offer the customers with services. He must have a proper insight into the system, technology, and the math equation to provide the best and finest customer services.

6 Betting On the Low Bid:

HVAC systems are expensive because they are complicated yet critical. Only a professional with the right knowledge knows how to tackle the system effectively.

When a contractor tries for low bid work, he has to ensure that all the costs are low. And this directly means the technicians will have less or no training. Even the sub-par equipment won't be durable.

7 Not Considering the House-As-A-System Method:

The HVAC contractor has to take care of combustion safety, distribution, and even ventilation. He must know what has to be provided and when.

An ideal HVAC contractor will ensure to look at the house and become a problem solver for the customers. If he isn't doing the work, he must know that he isn't the right contractor.

All In All

When it comes to the HVAC system, almost every part is connected, which means even one mistake leads to various problems. So, it is always better to avoid a job that isn't worthy. This is because customers tend to research before deciding to hire your company.

Word-of-mouth can hinder your reputation, and you may lose many loyal customers. Also, if you make any of the seven mistakes, make sure that you find ways to tackle it with fewer negative impacts.


If you are a customer who intends to work with an expert HVAC Company in Louisville that offers the best services and quick solutions, then look no further than Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling.

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