The six principles of children's clothing selection


Many new parents in the face of supermarkets or online stores are difficult to choose suitable clothes for children, in the selection of children's clothing, comfort and safety is always the most important. How to choose the right children's clothing? (Wholesale Kid Clothes) I give the following six suggestions.

  • Look at the material

Cotton clothes are soft, moisture-absorbent, non-irritating and will not harm the delicate skin of babies and toddlers. Moms as far as possible for the baby to choose cotton clothes, so that the baby wear more safe and healthy

  • Look at the logo

In addition to the familiar trademark, factory address, model, etc., should pay particular attention to the clothing washing considerations.
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Normally, baby clothes are not dry-cleaned, because some of the ingredients in the dry-cleaning agent will irritate the baby's skin.

  • Know the color

The brighter the color of the clothes, the more chemicals used such as color fixing agents, should choose pure white, light blue, light pink and other plain colors, not only safer, but also better observation of infant and child secretions, to find their health problems.

  • Smell

Decomposable aromatic amine dyes are banned in infant and toddler clothing, and no odors, including fragrance, should be present. Although the fabric may not be a problem, but if the addition of some chemical elements that trigger the smell, the same is not good for the baby's health.

  • Check the accessories

Zippers and metal attachments, buttons, decorative buckles, etc. on clothing should be free of hairy mouths. This can be done by hand touch to determine the feeling of hairless mouth to prevent scratches and abrasions on the skin of infants and toddlers. You should also check the solidity of buttons and various plastic decorative parts to prevent them from falling off and being accidentally taken by children in the mouth. There are patterns, printed parts can not contain fallable powder and particles. Decorations do not allow glitter and granular beads or other sharp objects.

  • Measure the size

Infant pullover collar ring unfolded (perimeter) size to be greater than 52 cm; collar, cap side can not have a rope belt, the finished product on the rope belt exposed length can not exceed 14 cm, in order to avoid winding in the baby's neck and other places, the occurrence of danger.

Parents in addition to the selection of safe children's clothing, but also need to identify the quality of clothing, to find whether there are problems above the workmanship, simple methods are the following two.

  • Visual inspection of the main parts of the children's clothing sewing line is straight, the stitching is flat service.
  • Check whether the symmetrical parts of children's clothing are consistent. (Children's clothing on the symmetrical parts of many, can be the left and right parts together to check whether the symmetrical parts are accurate. For example: the left and right sleeve length and cuff size, pocket cover length and width, pocket position high and low in and out and the length of the province to compare item by item.)

With the growth of children, for children's clothing will tend to be more than comfort, but also to have a fashionable design style. Therefore, we can choose more and more children's clothing brands, to pick safe children's clothing or need to learn certain skills.