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The Tech Essentials That Can Augment Your Business

Technology and commerce have always been partners in crime. Each new innovation gives businesses better means of providing the services and goods consumers desire. Likewise, the money businesses put back into the tech industry leads to more research and development, and the cycle continues. Businesses today have a variety of high-tech solutions at their disposal, but there are ever more problems that need to be addressed to further optimize commerce. Here’s what you need to know about the most important business tech of the modern era.


Networking has long been a cornerstone of business. This is largely because it allows a large team of workers in multiple departments to communicate and share files much more quickly. Modern networking provides much of the same benefits, but there are a variety of ways to eke out more benefits from traditional networking, while cloud computing also provides a powerful alternative.

Modern business networking benefits from network orchestration services that can optimize and organize the network on multiple fronts. This becomes increasingly important as the scope of the average business expands thanks to e-commerce services that allow even small companies to develop international customer bases and business models.

Cloud Computing

Cloud technology has revolutionized much of modern technology, and it has done so in a deceptively simple way. Simply put, cloud storage and cloud computing each augment the traditional services on which they’re based by allowing one machine to access and utilize the resources of another.

Cloud computing is the next step in networking because of how it can leverage the computational assets of an entire network, as well as off-site resources. This is important for the big data infrastructure of today’s businesses, because cloud storage provides businesses with theoretically infinite storage space to accommodate the wealth of data available. Likewise, cloud computing can allow a network’s worth of computers to cooperate on a singular task, such as data processing. This reduces the otherwise staggering iteration time that data processing entails.

Cloud computing also provides businesses with a much more dynamic workspace that reshapes various tools and services on the fly using a similar principle. This underlying design principle is known as scalability, and it allows a business’s technological assets to keep in lockstep with the growth of the company in question.

The Internet of Things

Cloud computing hasn’t revolutionized business operations single-handedly. They say it takes a village, and the closest neighbor of cloud computing is IoT (internet of things) technology. Both take networking to the next level, but they do so in wildly different ways. Most importantly, they’re anything but mutually exclusive. The IoT design philosophy provides various devices with additionality functionality, up to and including wi-fi connectivity. This enables the creation of smart offices that combine several devices, as well as software, that can help to optimize the operations of businesses.

One area in which IoT tech excels is the automation of various clerical tasks. This is a huge boon to data management, because data collection and organization can be automated from a variety of sources. This results in more accurate information in a shorter time frame, and it can save businesses money on labor costs as a nice bonus. Effective data management is essential for big data, but it can also strengthen your company’s network.

There are other ways that IoT can enhance your business’s operations. For example, one important component of any smart office is remote control. This primarily takes the form of a virtual assistant or smartphone app that gives users that ability to engage with a veritable network of services from anywhere in the office or even off-site. On the other hand, a smart office can be used to optimize various systems such as utilities like electricity and water, as well as a business’s security system.


With all of the technological advantages available today, your business can truly excel. These tips illustrate exactly how the latest and greatest can augment your business model.

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