Thursday, September 28, 2023
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The Top 8 Benefits of Outsourcing IT through Managed Services

When businesses consider the idea of investment, they want to know if the investment will be profitable. If they see the return of money spent, they will be satisfied with the value they receive for their investment. Outsourcing IT services to managed IT services is an investment that saves you money.


Managed IT services in a nutshell

Having an in-house IT team is not the only way to get reliable and quality IT support. You can get the same expertise, 24/7 service, and monitoring if you hire managed IT services. Managed IT services come in different service packages, depending on your business needs. Companies of any size can rely on managed IT services to take care of their infrastructure, networks, technology and solve all issues. Quality IT support, live monitoring, disaster recovery procedures, cloud-based solutions, network administration, top-notch technology are just some of the functions available at the managed service provider.


The top 8 benefits:


Make your IT expenses more predictable

When you first decide to outsource IT services to a managed service provider, you will be presented with several packages to choose from. You will choose a package that works best for your business and make your IT expenses more predictable. These costs are covered on a monthly or annual basis. Also, maintenance and repair of network equipment are covered by the service provider.


Help is available 24/7

The faster the response time, the lesser downtime of your day-to-day operations. Your system is under constant supervision with remote monitoring technology which makes it easier to solve issues that even happen during off-hours. This monitoring feature also ensures that any problem or network issue that can arise will be sorted out before it negatively impacts your business.

Your service provider will receive an alert in real-time and solve it quickly and efficiently before you suffer any financial or operational losses.


Access to staff with specialist skills

Sometimes, hiring additional members with specialist skills is not a viable decision. Maybe you need help temporarily or you’re not sure you’ll get the right return on the investment. Either way, by investing in managed IT services, you will get the expertise and skills you need. Every service provider has invested a lot in their infrastructure and team members so anyone paying for their service will get access to staff with specialist skills.


If there’s an issue, you’ll know exactly who to call

Even though your system is under remote monitoring and many issues are solved as they arise without your knowledge, you still need to be in touch with your service provider. Another great benefit of partnering with a provider of IT services is a single point of contact. No matter what the problem is, you’ll always call the same contact.


Better staff productivity

Technical difficulties are a major annoyance that disrupts the productivity of your employees. If the system is down, they won’t be able to do their work during official office hours. Nobody likes to sacrifice their personal time to finish work they couldn’t because of technical difficulties. The right choice of managed IT services will reduce downtime to a minimum by always being by your side and solving technical issues.

The productivity of your in-house IT team will soar as well because they will focus on their tasks, not malfunctions around the office. You’re paying them to work on their core responsibilities, not service everyone else. Thus, investing in managed IT services positively affects all productivity levels.



Another aspect of managed services that improve staff productivity is the ability to access data and network regardless of location. People are working remotely so cloud-based services enable a seamless employee experience. These service providers offer a centralised option. All your applications, data, servers are kept in data centres and managed clouds. This means your data and apps are easily accessible, secure, and synced.


Disaster recovery and business continuity

Data safety, backup, and recovery strategy will ensure that your business will continue its operations even after a disaster. A disaster recovery strategy is needed to reduce downtime and impede any data loss. Cyberattacks are a common occurrence in a highly digitalised world. Natural disasters are also a common occurrence so investing in managed IT services ensures complete and frequent data backup. You need to be sure that your data is safe and that it can be completely restored.


Access to the most current technology and tools

You won’t have to worry about the cost of updating technology because your provider will take care of this at no additional cost. This cost is already included in the services. You won’t have to worry about additional costs or working with obsolete technology. Managed service providers have to keep up with the latest trends to offer the best service and up-to-date technology.



For a business to be successful and have the right infrastructure and technology to run at top speed, certain investments have to be made. Deciding to invest in managed IT services will help you focus on your business goals and thrive.

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