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The Top Areas an ERP Solution Can Have the Biggest Impact for Your Business: Accounting, Sales, and Logistics.

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Every day, more and more businesses are capturing the benefits of integrating modern technology into their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Microsoft Dynamics ERP is one increasingly common enterprise platform that works for businesses both large and small. Microsoft designed this platform to provide an extensive array of customizable applications that can improve the efficiency and profitability of businesses across their operations. Businesses considering integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP into their IT infrastructure should consider some of the top three areas this solution can have the biggest impact: accounting, sales, and logistics.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP for Accounting

Microsoft Dynamics ERP is far more than a simple enterprise resource planning solution; it is an integrated management platform for all your company's physical and financial resources.  Standard licenses for Microsoft Dynamics ERP include several tools businesses can use to gain insight and control over their financial future. The platform can be used to buy and sell goods, services, and raw materials or pay and manage employees. Microsoft Dynamics ERP software can also be used to improve compliance and reporting by relying on advanced analysis of a systemwide financial data. With additional software licenses, companies can do even more to improve their payroll and human resource processes. 

Boosting Sales with Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Microsoft Dynamics ERP includes dozens of tools businesses can select from to optimize their financial management, human resource and payroll activities, supply chain management, and sales and growth. Many companies find that they can effectively utilize Microsoft Dynamics ERP to boost sales by leveraging the power of the advanced insights the technology provides.

Because it works hand-in-hand with the Office 365 suite of applications, Microsoft Dynamics ERP apps are easily integrated into spreadsheets and documents used to maintain sales, customer, and vendor information. User-friendly dashboards included in these apps allow users to drill down deep into their business analytics and better understand the transactions that are driving their sales. Microsoft Dynamics ERP even includes requisition management tools that allow workers to request purchase is necessary to run the business.  By tracking every penny, businesses can use Microsoft Dynamics ERP to increase profitability by boosting sales while also reducing costs by streamlining operational efficiency.

Using Microsoft Dynamics ERP to Streamline Logistics

The Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform includes many of the inventory control tools businesses have relied on for generations, but refined for the digital age. For example, a virtual Bill of Materials available on the platform can be used to manage the assembly of raw materials into finished goods while also extracting valuable insights about a business’ supply chain. Microsoft Dynamics ERP can be used to track and updates the true Landed Cost of an inventory item, allowing business owners to better understand the impacts of each component of their assembly process. After assembly is complete, the software can be used for generating purchase orders as well as processing and receiving associated shipments – even when those shipments come with only partial deliveries or incomplete payments.

Business owners sometimes face tough choices when deciding which technologies to integrate into their enterprise operations. While every company must weigh the costs and benefits of implementing ERP software for themselves, Microsoft Dynamics ERP is flexible enough to be applied for beneficial use in any number of corporate activities. Companies can even opt for “Customization Pack” licenses, which allow Microsoft Dynamics users to integrate customized tools best suited for their individual needs.  This is particularly true in the areas of accounting, sales, and logistics, as Microsoft Dynamics ERP can have a major impact on the management of each of these fields. 

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