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The Top Considerations You Need to Remember to Pack Your Parcels Correctly

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The shipping of parcels has become a daily endeavour and responsibility for many businesses. This is even truer if your enterprise is involved in ecommerce. It is your task to make sure that your items are delivered as promptly and conveniently to your customers or suppliers as possible. But this also comes with making sure that the costs of your shipments are not too high or prohibitive. And whilst shipping parcels, nationally or internationally, will have its costs, it's in your best interest to ensure the appropriate protection of your parcels and the items inside. Having an item damaged or broken or even delivered late is likely to have financial consequences for your business, so you should avoid this. This means that you need to pack your parcels correctly. Here are the top considerations when it comes to packing your parcels to ensure the best and most prompt delivery.

How you can determine your requirements for packaging

  • Think about the item’s weight. The weight of the item will greatly determine the kind of box you choose, and this is followed by the box or container’s durability and strength. The box you opt for should be able to hold the item’s weight whilst the box is going through the shipping process, especially if it’s an international one.
  • Consider the shape and size of the item and choose a proper box for it, as recommended by experts in packaging supplies London like UK Packaging. One aspect to remember is that the item or object should not touch the box’s outer walls, and if you have rounded items or items which have an odd shape, you should pay particular attention to the kind of box you select.
  • If you are planning to ship special items or objects such as powders or liquids, you need to think about packing or packaging techniques which are different from standard items such as clothing or magazines. The same is true if you are planning to ship electronic items as well; do research on the proper packaging of such items so you can avoid them getting stopped at customs or damaged.
  • If you are sending valuable goods or delicate goods, make sure to use extra protection and cushioning for these items; don’t be stingy when it comes to cushioning materials such as bubble wrap, packing foam or peanuts, and the like.
  • Here's another consideration for fragile or delicate items: don't just think about the packaging for it; also think about sticking the appropriate label on the box or container so the shipping or courier service will know to handle it correctly.
  • You also have to think about the final use of the box. For instance, does it have to be ready for retail? If so, you may need to avoid making any mark on the outside of the box as well.
  • Keep in mind that there are also items which are regulated, so before you pack such items, check the rules on the shipment of the item. Some items are also prohibited, so make sure your item isn't prohibited, either. For instance, some food, perfumes, flavourings, chemicals, and so on can be classified or referred to as dangerous goods or items, so make sure to check this thoroughly.
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