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The top foreign language you need to learn

We have more time for other things in times that we find ourselves all over the world. The new wave of lockdown that we are witnessing in 2021 where the majority have to work from home has given rise to new passions that people can take to. Are you interested in learning a foreign language that will expand your base of linguistic? This should be a language that will be of economic value to you. We have some of the top languages that you can learn in 2021. Here we go!


If you wanted to learn an Asian language, then Japanese will open the door of wide opportunity to you. This is a nation that is rich with culture because there are lots to be seen in their entertainment industry. When you can speak this language, there will be no need to look at the subtitles in the numerous movies and cartoons that are on offer. This is one infectious language that will open the doors to the learning of other languages in the Asian continent.


 Another language that will be of value to anyone that tries learning it is the German language. One might say that English is influenced by the Romance languages; when we take a closer look at it, it is part of the Indo-European language which is majorly derived from the Germanic Branch. This is responsible for the plethora of similar words that exists between German and English.  

If you desire more detailed info on the top language to add to your lexicon, you can take a look at Essential Foreign Languages You Need to Learn in 2021.


If you desire to stay close to the European languages; something not too far from it; then you can take a go at the Russian language. People complain that this language is tough to master because of phonics and Cyrillic letters that come with the pronunciation. You can make a go at the language by first learning the alphabet. That will prepare the grounds for a perfect understanding of the language. Try to break down the learning process into five parts of grammar, cases, spelling, pronunciations, and verbs.


You are going to be attracted to this language on account of its brilliant phonetics that goes all the way to attract new learners to the language. Though the sentence structure is a bit different from the usual norm; the more you familiarize yourself with it; the betting the understanding that will come with it. You are going to learn a lot from the grammar because it is a little complex, but the effort is worth all the troubles involved. You are going to be open to new cultures and the job opportunities that come with learning this language are huge. At the same time, you can ask an expert to help you with a french homework.


Our list of top languages will not be complete without adding Italian into the mix. This language is a blend of both Spanish and French.


Are you a native English speaker and you wanted to add to your lingua base? Then you can start with the Spanish language. This is the easiest foreign language that you can learn because the grammar rules are pretty simple. There are loads of borrowed words in English that have their roots in Spanish.

Final Thoughts

The six languages mentioned above are the top six foreign languages that will be of economic value to anyone that wants to add to his or her language base in 2021. 

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