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The Top Reasons To Hire Armed Security Guards at School

The violent actions taking place even in the safest parts of the country have made it increasingly difficult for people to stay safe and secure. Parents are especially concerned with the safety of their children in schools. Although the reality states that an average American student has an almost negligible risk of dying in a school shooting, the appalling events of the past say otherwise. In 2016, more than 40 percent of schools had hired armed security guards for protection.

Risks on school grounds have not entirely ceased to exist. One in a million events that occur at school might be life-threatening, but most of them are just unwanted disturbances. But disturbances can also interrupt the quality of education that children deserve.

Security guards can provide protection and maintain order in the school. Here’s how armed security guard services can provide assistance in schools.

1. Impose Discipline In Schools

Most of the minor disturbances taking place in schools are because of disobedient children and not some unwanted intruders. Such minor issues include kids trying to sneak in or sneak out of the campus before the school gets dismissed. Vandalism is another issue that schools need to tackle. Although not such a threatening issue, vandalism can be an expensive thing to deal with for school districts.

 Some more aggressive issues include brawls between students, attacks on teachers and even sexual assault among students. In fact, there were 1700 incidents of sexual assault from 2011 to 2015 committed by students themselves. Another serious issue that can be solved by having security guards on the premise is chronic bullying of students.

2. Better Than An Electronic Security System

It is far better to have in-person protection than relying on any security system. This is because security systems are often prone to hacking or malfunctioning. Armed security guards on the other hand, can stop a mishap on the spot instead of offering proof (like video footage) to the offenders after the crime occurs.

Security guards also come in very handy at controlling crowds. Since educational institutes frequently organize events on a large scale, guards can manage people and tightly secure the grounds eliminating potential dangers. Their presence alone is enough to deter crime in the first place.

Lastly, security guards are an affordable option because their presence and ability to deal with a crime can help lower costs, in terms of human victims and property damages.

3. Help Distressed Children

A lot of times, accidents or falls that occur within the school premises can be instantly prevented with the help of armed security guards. But other times, many such incidents may take the form of serious health cases mostly because nobody was present to help the victims.

If security services were present on school premises, affected school children would instantly get help from trained security professionals. If children fall, get stuck in a room, or sustain severe injuries due to unfortunate events, security guards can be available on the spot to help soothe distressed children.

In addition, children can instantly report a case of bullying to the security guards. Also, if a child notices a dangerous weapon being carried around, he/she can quickly alert the security official. A lot of times it is the school children who spot a dangerous situation before teachers or the school authorities. In such cases, having security guards available on-call can help prevent the threat immediately.

4. Complete Protection

It is great to have surveillance cameras, high-tech door locking systems, sirens, alarms, and all other forms of security on school premises. Innovative solutions can quickly alert people in case of any threat. However, in order to prevent or counter such a crime, armed security professionals are needed. Security guards are well trained to spot the threat and instantly address it in the safest and least aggressive manner.

These guards are trained to operate, handle, and even respond to security devices such as alarms, cameras, and sirens. Security guards on duty can easily manage and operate all security devices of the school. They are specially trained to work with and interpret security devices to ensure safety and security.

Wrapping Up

If you are on the fence to hire armed security guard services on school premises, you should reconsider. These are just 4 of the many benefits of hiring security professionals. Additionally, security services offer surveillance, armed guards, and unarmed guards. You can contact a good security service  company to develop a system that can provide the highest level of security to the school’s children, staff, and parents.

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