Monday, December 11, 2023
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The top reasons you might have a roofing failure with your new roof in London

There is a huge demand for quality roofing companies in London, ON. Drip, drip, drip, that’s the sound that homeowners dread hearing – particularly if you’ve just replaced the roof. You begin to wonder how that could occur when your roof is brand new. There are certain factors that often cause roof failures. Here are some of them.

Poor workmanship

Poor workmanship is certainly the most common of all roof failure causes. Installing a new roof isn’t as easy as it appears to be. It takes lots of precision and patience to rightly and appropriately line up nail shingles. Shingles that happen to be incorrectly installed will always leave many areas on the roof vulnerable to leaks. An excellent way of telling whether shingles have been installed improperly is to search for a continuous seam. Dimensional shingles which are installed properly will feature a routine looking pattern without any continuous seams. Shingles should appear evenly spaced without any areas appearing long or ‘bunched up’.

Improperly installed flashing systems

If your contractor installs your roof’s flashing systems improperly or does not rightly replace them, then this could quickly result in leaks on your roof. Flashing systems are produced from metal which is bent in a particular pattern to drive water away from the roof’s vulnerable points. Flashings are installed onto dormers – walls where your roof meets chimneys, skylights, siding, and vents. Expert and reliable roofing companies in London always ensure that they install flashings appropriately.

Poor ventilation

Ventilation is among the most critical aspects of your entire roofing system. Attics must be given a means of ‘inhaling’ fresh air and ‘exhaling’ stale air. Here are the key issues that are caused by improper roof ventilation.

  • Condensation, which could result in the buildup of mold and water, which could then go on to rot your roof from the inside out.
  • Lowered energy efficiency as a result of higher attic temperatures during the summer season and much lower temperatures during the winter.
  • The premature aging of your new roof’s asphalt shingles.

What you can do

Since workmanship issues top the list of the most common of all causes of roof failures, when selecting a roofing contractor, you must ensure that any option being considered is properly insured and licensed. Choose a roofing expert who has a physical and working phone number instead of just a cell phone and a permanent office location. Roof repair toronto contractors that are verified as preferred installers for major roofing manufacturers could also be a big plus since the manufacturer would have undertaken background checks on them to ensure that their credentials are valid and current and that the professional has the experience and knowledge to deserve the ‘preferred’ status offered by the manufacturer. It’s helpful too if the contractor features a minimum of an A rating with the BBB.

When considering , aside from considering the points raised in this article, you can also Google customer reviews concerning any contractor you might consider. That way, you will get to know what others think of their services.

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