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The Transportation Industry & Aluminum Manufacturers

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It may come as a surprise to many, but the relationship between manufacturing and transportation is quite close. How could that be? The answer is simple. Most of the transportation methods and tools of the modern era are manufactured products!

The Street Car

In many cities across Canada and the United States, street cars travel up and down the downtown roads to provide people with easy methods of travel and transportation. But, let's consider this. What are these street cars made of? They are made of aluminum! Furthermore, they are made of extruded aluminum! How they are made is another story. However, it suffices to say that aluminum extrusion and extruded aluminium shapes form the bulk of the metal that is needed for the street car manufacturing. That seems like a fairly close and important relationship.

High Speed Trains

One of the things that you will notice about traveling in France is that most of the transportation between cities is done by train. In fact, high-speed trains are one of the most effective and efficient methods of transportation between many cities in Europe. So, again, let's take a look at what these trains are made of. And how are they manufactured? The answer again goes back to aluminum extrusion manufacturing. These trains are made by companies such as the Canadian Locomotive Company where extruded aluminum shapes are put together to form the body of the train.

Furthermore, in Canada, there is a new push to use trains as a method of transportation by companies such as Bombardier and other manufacturers that use the process of extrusion of aluminum to its maximum benefits.

20x20 Aluminum Extrusion

railway aluminumThe benefits of aluminum manufacturing extend to many areas in the travel industry. Even boats can now be made of this durable and light metal. In Canada, Signature Aluminum has been one of the leading manufacturers of aluminum products, providing 3030 extrusions as well as 20x20 extrusions. These can very important for the ability of the Canadian industry and economy to excel and produce the manufacturing capacity that it does. They have also provid the marketplace with aluminum extrusion processes that are vital to other industries such as transportation. More info about t slot aluminum - signaturealum.com describes the specific dimensions of obtainable slotted products for the travel and transportation industries.

Further use of extruded aluminum products also happens in the aerospace industry as well as the car industry. These two vital areas are so dependent on the use of aluminium extrusions to the point that if the supply of the metal were to stop, the industry itself would come to a halt.

No matter what the technological advances are, there is always the way to improve, and the revolution that is happening in the world today is one where every process and every manufacturing system is optimized and improved. Using aluminum instead of other metals is becoming such an important part of this improvement process, and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

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