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The Trend of Oxidized Silver Jewellery after the Pandemic

We know it very well that your look depends on a number of factors. These factors may ramp up the overall appearance of you or on the other hand, they have the capacity of making it look weird, outdated, or immature. Among those factors, one is jewellery. Yes, jewellery has the potential to make or break your appearance. This fact has been proven again and again regardless of the type of jewellery, the wearer, and the occasion they have been put on. 


As the clock ticks, the fashion changes. And with, changes the choices of people. Earlier when the closets seemed to be full of oxidized silver jewellery, nowadays, people are going for sterling silver boho rings. Sterling silver is one of the purest forms of silver jewellery that contains 92.5 percent actual silver. People love it due to the long-term sheen it offers and of course, its robustness. 


It’s true that dust particles may accumulate on the metallic surface of silver and it may appear to seem old. But just with a 60 seconds cleaning process, your ornament will turn out to be better than the store-bought product. As when we buy a jewellery, no matter if it is a gold necklace or a sterling silver moonstone ring, we also purchase a responsibility for regular cleaning and taking care of that piece of ornament. Like any other possessions, jewellery also needs our attention and regular maintenance. You can’t escape from that. 


There are some great things that are often associated with all silver jewellery. One such thing is the price. Silver jewellery is way cheaper than gold jewellery. And even if you lost it somewhere, it would not make much of an impact on your pocket. Second thing is that silver jewellery alone is capable of enhancing and complementing a look or an outfit. You can wear it without any add ons and you will still make a statement, a stand out appeal. 


Although, if you layer different pieces of silver jewellery on each other, you may imitate the style of certain celebrities who always experiment with their styles. Third quality a regular silver jewellery buyer knows that these jewellery are versatile. They can go along with you no matter what kind of attire you have. People have been spotted wearing oxidized silver jewellery with the most casual attires. They have also been seen to accompany simple, thin, and light silver ornaments with heavy attires. 


The few months in this year weren’t so flashy for most of the people in the world. They stayed in their houses with their doors and windows closed. And all their ornaments were getting rusty in their closet. They didn’t get a chance to jump out of the almirahs and make one’s neckline, or earlobe attractive. However, things are changing slowly. People are finally learning to live with the pandemic. They are showing great courage which is commendable.


You can now see small groups of people having a chit-chat from a restaurant’s window.  You can take a walk around your nearest park and see people playing badminton with their masks on. And as the people began to go out, how their jewellery could be hidden in the closet. They too are coming out in small segments. There are masks that suit your attire. On the other hand, the daunting situation is getting under control and people are now slowing opening up while taking necessary precautions. Also, it is being noticed that people’s choices have been upgraded after the pandemic. While they could be seen wearing a sheeny silver ornament earlier, they are preferring oxidized silver jewellery more than ever now. It might be because oxidized silver ornaments require less cleaning and maintenance. 


In a nutshell, the trend of oxidized silver jewellery is now sky-high. Jewellery experts have analyzed this trend and seem to be very happy with it. They say that an oxidized silver ornament not only gives a stunning appeal, but it also reflects a contemporary and chic appeal.


 If one takes care of one’s jewellery properly, those oxidized pieces of silver can stay by one’s side for a lifetime. The trend is not limited to Indian youth or celebrities, a major class of Hollywood celebrities is also witnessed to inherit it. However, they are more eager to experiment with it with different sizes, pattern, and attires while the Indian youth takes a more traditional approach. To sum it up, we can say that oxidized silver jewellery can be the next big thing in the jewellery industry. 

Vinod Kumar
Vinod Kumar
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