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The trending Makeup stories of 2019

The trending Makeup stories of 2019


Well, it’s 2019 now and a new year means new makeup trends. So far this year has been full of colors and ombre designs, speaking in general. No matter if you are a makeup expert or not, you probably use some form of cosmetics. Whether its lipsticks or concealer it all falls in the category of cosmetics. Since makeup has been one of the most talked about topics in the last few years new makeup products are introduced almost daily and one thing that surprises me is all the interesting and appealing makeup boxes that cosmetic products have these days. Also, ingredients used in makeups is now becoming a major concern for some, especially to people who have principles when it comes to not using animal-based products. Hair And MakeUp Girl, a hair and makeup products review site have discussed what is cruelty free makeup is really all about, if you want to learn more.
The packaging ranges anywhere from fancy colorful boxes to plain decent subtle colors, either way, the packaging of makeup products is always unique and appealing.

cosmetic boxes

Trends 2019

Every year new trends and techniques are introduced to the name up the world and this year number of new trends hit the market. So here are some of 2019 makeup trends:


Till last year people were drooling over shiny silver, gold and rose gold eye-shadows but since 2019 has started makeup junkies have been loving colored highlighters or even neon highlighters. They add a little finishing touch to your makeup looks, a must try this year!


3D lips

Well, this is not a makeup trend you can wear to work or university but it still is very trending, if by any chance you are going to a fun event you cab rock a 3D lip look. 3D lip looks consist of prints drawn to your nails such as animal patterns, chevron patterns, etc

3d lip design

Shiny foundation

Back in the day, people loved shiny foundations but in the last 2- 3 years people have loved the art of matte foundations. Matte foundations provide a more natural look, making your makeup look natural but year people have been experimenting with a lot of shiny and glossy foundations just like the old times.
Shiny foundations are something new and a must try this sparkling year!

nude foundations

Nude manicures

Nail polish is something that adds a little more glam to your hands by putting color on to your nails. There is quite a variety when it comes to nail polish colors but one thing that has been trendy lately is

nude manicures

It’s just like your regular manicure but instead, it matches the color of your skin. People with fair skin color often apply a very nude pink or the color of their skin and on the other hand, people with dark skin tones stick to browns and darker nudes. This makeup trend gives you an official look and creates an illusion that you have longer fingers.


Exotic eye makeup

This is something very similar to 3D lip designs, this type of eye makeup is not supposed to be worn daily buy you can mix and match once in a while. Bright colors with patterns are something that is very eye-catching but it requires some skills to perfect it.

exotic eye makeup

How packaging affects your brand?

Packaging plays an important role in any business big or small. The packaging is the first thing that a customer looks at before buying a product. So it’s crucial to come up with interesting and appealing packaging strategies for your cosmetic boxes. Speaking of the makeup industry, the packaging of cosmetic products represents the actual product itself; which is important because it gives an idea to the customer of what he/she is buying. It makes them a little more excited and often times people buy makeup products just because they get fascinated by the packaging. For example, mostly highlighter boxes have shiny and glossy packaging; the shiny and glossy material is eye-catching and hence even if you don’t use highlighters, you will still check it out.

Branding cosmetic boxes

Where can you buy makeup boxes from?

There are plenty of places to buy beauty boxes from but it depends on how many boxes you need and what type of boxes you want. If you are looking for more than a couple of boxes then you should totally rely on wholesale retailers and this way you can save yourself some money as well as you will have the freedom to customize and alter your beauty boxes up to your needs and wants. You can change the color, the shape, the size of the box, etc.


If you are planning to start an organic home-based business then you should think about how you can make your boxes/ packaging appealing. One thing that will catch the attention of your customers will be environmentally friendly packaging since it is an organic home-based business; it’s totally worth the experiment!


All I can say is this year will be full of makeup trends, techniques, new products and a lot of new appealing and interesting packaging. Stay tuned and keep experimenting with new business strategies to attract new customers by your makeup boxes/ packaging. Since packaging is the first things a customer’s sees, it is crucial to keep experimenting with new ideas every now and then and design the best makeup boxes 2019.
Keep packaging and stay unique!!

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