The Ultimate Guide 2020 To Proxy Dedicated Server


Proxies are making internet users, bots, apps and marketing programs go crazy because of the advantages they provide. Do you remember using proxy while using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools? You also need it while unlocking a website or unblocking foot sites. There is a proxy dedicated server for each kind of user according to the preferential needs. Free proxies are easily available online but one must be careful as the open servers can be a real danger to your online data and privacy. This is the reason Cheap Dedicated Server introduces private proxy to you. 


What is a proxy and why people need it? 

The free web proxy server acts as a mediator, working between the user and a certain destination, the user is trying to visit. The internet traffic flows through the proxy server and reaches the destination requested. The request is then sent back through the same server and the data received from the website is forwarded to the user. They come with adjustable levels of functionality, privacy and security depending on names and company policy. 

Now, the valid question would be why would someone require a proxy server for such a minimal work like this? Modern proxy servers serve as a firewall and web filter. It provides a shared network connection and cache data to increase the speed of common requests. A good proxy server will always take the responsibility to guard the uses and network from the hackers that live on the wild internet. Privacy is the essential proxy servers are celebrated for.


What is a Proxy Dedicated Server?

It is the dedicated IP proxy host which can also be termed as a private proxy. As the name suggests, it would not be accessible to anyone else other than the owner. It is preferred by users as they would not have to share the consequences of the faults of others. Also, as there is no congestion, the speed is turbo fast. Germany dedicated servers to excel in this kind.

How does a proxy server operate?

Every computer connected to the internet is equipped with a unique Internet Protocol (IP) Address. This address is different for every computer and it helps the internet to understand which data to be transferred to which computer.

Hence, a proxy dedicated server can be described as a computer on the Internet which has its IP address that the user's computer knows. When a web request is sent, it would have reached the proxy server first, a proxy server acts as an assistant and send the request to the website, collect the response from the webserver and passes over to the user a web page data so that he can access it. 

A proxy server has the authority to make essential changes to the data the user sends for web request without making any compromise on the information that the user expects to see from the web. A cheap dedicated server can change the IP address so that the webserver doesn't get the exact location from where the user is accessing. The data from the users and is encrypted and is unreadable in transit. A proxy server is authorized to block access to certain web pages based on IP address. 

Why use a Proxy Dedicated Server? 

A proxy server is getting a lot of rave from organizations and individuals for a lot of reasons.

1. To control the usage of the internet by employees and children

It is just a way of monitoring if the internet is used in the right way. Most organizations do not want employees to access certain websites during work hour so they configure the proxy server to deny them access. Some even will leave nice notes to refrain from looking at the sites from the company network. They also set up to monitor all the web login requests so that even if they are not blocking a particular site they will be able to get a track of how many employees are spending how much time on the said site. 

2. Bandwidth savings and improved speeds

A good proxy server accelerates the overall network performance and that is why organizations choose it. Proxy service comes with the ability to cash popular websites, meaning saving a copy of the website locally, so when you are looking for a certain website, the proxy server will go through its records and check if it has the most recent copy of that website and then forward you the saved copy. The usefulness can be measured when the website is getting hundreds of hits at the same time from the same proxy server, and only one request gets sent to the website, ultimately saving the bandwidth for the organization and improving the network performance.

3. Getting access to blocked resources

This is the one thing people use proxy servers for the most. The contents which are restricted by companies or government can be accessed through a proxy server. Users are provided with the comfort to sit at home and access certain content that might be blocked in their countries by setting up a different virtual address. The internet becomes an open, accessible ground to the users. 

Why dedicated proxies are so useful?

1. Dedicated Proxies for SEO and web scraping

A proxy dedicated server is the most beneficial route for any online service is the owner is looking to scale up. If any business needs harvesting URL or scraping content on the search engine quickly, the private proxy is the solution. Even for people using SEO tools find this strikingly helpful. The SEO service providers monitor the ranks and search for the backlinks with the help of proxies. 

2. For social media marketing

Internet marketing is a place where Germany and France Dedicated Server proxies work like magic. This helps in accelerating the reach of marketers from their location. Social media marketing HTTPS proxy server highly used to connect user's accounts to different social media platforms. As the algorithm of social media platforms is highly constricted, the proxies are beneficial to connect accounts. In short, the proxies work as a support for running and automating multiple accounts. 

3. For coping sneakers

Using sneaker bots and sneaker proxies to cop shoes have become a generalized thing now. Buying a limited edition of any branded shoe online feels like a matter of luck. Thousands will have their eyes on them and there are only a few products. But obtaining them truly needs a strategy. People mostly used bots for sending a lot of requests to the website to get noticed but that certainly becomes suspicious coming from one location. A good proxy sends multiple requests from different IP addresses, making it more believable. 

Therefore, a dedicated proxy is all one needs to keep identity as well as internet privacy protected from the outer wall.