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The Ultimate Guide in Choosing Baby Clothes

Shopping for baby clothes is a lot different from buying your own clothing. There are lots of factors to consider other than style, such as comfort and convenience. Sure, there are plenty of fancy baby outfits out there that are too cute to resist. However, does your baby really need it? Or is there really an event when he or she can wear it and feel comfortable?

To help you in your baby clothes shopping, here are some simple tips to keep in mind.

Comfort is the Top Priority

Baby skin is delicate that’s why it is important to pay attention to what material their clothes are made of. Light and cool clothing made from cotton are the most recommended ones since they are safe and comfortable even for those with extra sensitive skin. Cotton is less likely to cause skin irritations and allergies. If possible, avoid clothes that can easily irritate baby’s skin such as synthetic ones.

Stay Simple

There are plenty of cute baby outfits out there that are filled with stylish embellishments and accessories. However, most of these ones are not suited for babies especially if it has small pieces since it can be a choking hazard. Frills, buttons and other embellishments can also cause skin irritation for some babies. If possible, go for clothes with simple yet cute designs like prints or patterns. Shop for baby clothes online conveniently at home especially when you don’t have time to go out shopping on physical stores.

Consider the Season

The season when your baby will be born in is another important factor to consider when buying baby clothes. For summer babies, light and airy clothes would be perfect to keep your little one cool during warm days. For winter babies, it is best to invest on warmer clothing or those that can be worn with layers to keep them warm and comfy during this season. Although, no matter what the season is, be sure to have basic baby accessories such as mittens, socks and beanie.

Stock Up One Basic Pieces

Babies can go through around 4 to 5 clothing changes in a day – with all the spit ups, spills and even nappy leaks. If you’re shopping for baby clothes, be sure to stock up on the essentials such as kimono tops, onesies and blankets.

Always Opt for Soft Fabric

Your infant’s skin is not just incredibly soft, it is also very sensitive. This is why you need to be very careful about the fabric that you choose. If possible, it is best to go with 100 percent cotton. Of course, these can get quite pricey. Instead you can opt for cotton blends. You just need to make certain that they are smooth and soft to the touch.


Now, tags annoy little ones just as much as they bug you. This is why many companies have tagless options. Some, however, make up for this by using printed tags on the clothing. In most cases, this works just fine. You will have to watch to make sure that it is not irritating your infant’s skin. 

Choose Different Sizes

Babies grow quickly and outgrow their clothes faster than you could ever imagine. Don’t invest too much on smaller, newborn sizes. Some babies won’t even fit on newborn sizes when they are big when born. Instead, go for slightly bigger sizes for baby clothes. Aside from being comfortable when worn, these clothes won’t go to waste since they can be used by your little one for a long time.

Shopping for baby clothes should be an exciting experience for expecting parents. This little guide will help you choose the right kinds of clothes for your little one without much stress. Plus, you can also be sure that you’re making the most of your money when you buy the right ones.

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