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The Ultimate Guide to Truck Tarps and Their Advantages

The Ultimate Guide to Truck Tarps and Their Advanta

Truck tarps, a common sight on any tipper bin travelling this side of the city. Why do we need them? To not only protect our loads but to also ensure that they get to their destination in the exact same shape in which they left their point of origin. 

Every company wants to make money, everyone avoids losing it if they can help it. The same goes for logistic companies. Freight that arrives damaged or missing is a decrease in a dollar amount for that transport company. To avoid this, drivers will ensure that any loads are covered or enclosed to add to the protection of the load.

In the case of tippers carrying grain or sand, tarps are always drawn while the vehicle is in motion to prevent any amount of the fine substance from escaping out the top and falling down onto the road behind or onto any following vehicles. 

For those with flatbeds or who use step-decks, these drivers would be more focused on using large flat tarps rather then roll tarps that have been mounted onto the side of a tipper bin. Utilising flat tarps, drivers can cover multiple individual items at once from the weather or wind whilst in transit. They do this by drawing the tarp over what they wish to cover and tying it off along the sides of the trailer to prevent the tarpaulin from catching in the wind and flinging off the back onto an unsuspecting trailing vehicle. 

Another type of truck tarp that people do not usually consider are those that are fully enclosed with tarp blinds on either side of the trailer. These tarps are both flexible and protect the load from anything getting in from either side of the truck while in motion; be this rain, rocks or even dust. These tarp blinds can easily be maneuvered to be open either sideways by being pushed along the length of the bin and then tied off for access or rolled upwards from the base of the trailer to the roof, again to allow full side access.

Another part of the truck that people do not even consider when thinking about truck tarps are the mudguards. While it is quite common to see rubber mudguards over a trailers tires, some companies prefer heavy duty PVC which they can customise in any colour or pattern to better promote their brand while out travelling on the roads. These mudguards can be equipped with extra wear strips or double thicknesses, much like any standard roll tarp, for extra protection and ensuring the longevity of the tarp itself.This is the same for extra flaps on the roll tarp itself while rolled out over the bin; these helping to prevent anything form slipping both in and out from under the tarps whilst in transit. 


Tarps can be utilised on quite a few different aspects of a trucks trailer, not matter the style, or set up. While both flexible and durable, tarps can assist all forms of logistics companies whilst out on the road, no matter the loads shape or design.

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