Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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The Ultimate LinkedIn Sales Funnel Guide to Grow Your Sales Efforts

The ultimate LinkedIn Sales Funnel Guide

LinkedIn's total registered user base is around 500M users. There are many tools that integrate into the platform, making it a powerful sales funnel tool for your business needs. Since 2014, there have been over 150 updates to the LinkedIn platform. This doesn't include all of their other platforms outside of LinkedIn itself.

Do you know the basics of LinkedIn and how to utilize its features?

An individual's profile can be completed with a summary, experience, education, recommendations, and more. They can be contacted via InMails, which are paid messages that can only be sent to those who aren't currently your direct connection. Sales Navigator is also available as a paid subscription option for businesses. This is a tool that provides insights into connections, messages, and news feed visibility.

Basic LinkedIn features: search and connect

LinkedIn has two key functions for you to utilize when it comes to growing your business's sales funnel - searching and connecting. The more people you can connect with on LinkedIn, the wider your potential pool of prospects.

LinkedIn is set up to easily search by location, industry, connection, and more, making it easy for you to connect with people who can benefit your business. You might not think that 500M people are actually on LinkedIn - however, your connections maybe! When you first sign up for LinkedIn, they encourage you to import all of your current email contacts, which may include individuals who aren't currently active on LinkedIn.

Answering these questions will help you come up with a strategy for your sales funnel:

What kind of businesses would I want to connect with?

Who within those businesses do I want to connect with?

How can I grow my network quickly?

How can I gain more visibility on LinkedIn?

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn's Sales Navigator?

Why Should You Use a LinkedIn Sales Funnel?

Businesses in various industries are finding it hard to attract top-notch talent in this competitive market. However, with the help of LinkedIn Sales Funnels, you can make any potential candidate easily get in touch with your company.

  • Furthermore, LinkedIn Sales Funnels make it easier to reach out to more people without spending too much time on it, thus increasing the business' productivity.
  • Let's check out some of the benefits of why you should use LinkedIn Sales Funnels.
  • Why Should You Use a LinkedIn Sales Funnel?
  • One of the reasons why you should start using LinkedIn Sales Funnels is its benefits. LinkedIn Sales Funnels helps you get in touch with more people without spending too much time on it, thus increasing business productivity.
  • Aside from that, LinkedIn Sales Funnels also allows you to target your audience using different options such as Geography, Expertise, Position Title, and more.
  • As a result, if you're aiming to target people who are in the IT industry or those who have a Lead Developer position, LinkedIn Sales Funnels provides you with the option to choose so.
  • Furthermore, LinkedIn Sales Funnels make the process of finding candidates easier and faster.
  • LinkedIn Sales Funnels can help you find people who are interested to join your company's team based on their skills, position titles, and more.
  • Furthermore, LinkedIn Sales Funnels also allows you to have a one-on-one conversation with your desired candidates. Once you have gathered a number of potential candidates from LinkedIn Sales Funnels, you can contact them all at once through the Salesforce CRM.
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